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Brother #2 et. al. came in last night in preparation of taking over caretaking Father when I leave tomorrow. Brother #4 et. al. came over too and we all had dinner.* Afterwards #4 pulled out some boardgames and we played Trivial Pursuit.

Spo-fans of the younger type: Trivial Pursuit was ‘the’ board game to play back in the 80s. You move around plastic wheel in the shape of a deep-dish pizza (deep dish) to gather ‘pie pieces’ by successfully answering trivia questions written cards stored in a box.  

Imagine a bunch of Spos playing a board game. You guessed it: everyone talks at once and blurts over each other. The Spo whose turn it is is read a question from the box of cards from six categories. Everyone is supposed to keep mum while the person tries to answer the question. Fat chance of that. Most loudly groan the question is way too easy and (worse) they blurt out the answer, which makes both the reader and the recipient cross and another question has to be read. Rinse and repeat.

Urs Truly does a fine job in history and science and literature; he does lousy in sports.  Go figure.

In theory all the questions are trivia(l) but many are dated. Belgrade is no longer the capitol of anything. “Name the only president who has been impeached’ was met with mirth.  “Which president said: this generation of Americans..” was interrupted by Brother #4 who blurted before the quote was finished ‘Donald Trump”. I blurted back Donald Trump not once ever used a word with more than three syllables in it, which made all laugh but SIL #4 whose question it was.* 

These sort of Spo-shenanigans sometimes to violence, even savagery, but mercifully there was no shooting.

In the end our thought process (flow and content) slowed the process down that we were still playing way into the night. Then there was a sudden decision ‘one more question’ and Father was declared the winner as he was tied for first place with having the most pieces in his pie and we wanted him to be happy (he was). 

Tonight we play “The awful green things from outer space”; tune in tomorrow how many of us are still talking to each other. 

Spo-fans: have you ever played Trivial Pursuit? Do you still play it? Do you play board games in general? Does this lead to fisticuffs?

**First time I think La Casa de #3 was full up with family sans Brother #3. 

*The real answer was FDR. Warrior-Queen didn’t know who that was, patience above! 

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