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…I think about moving back to Michigan, but a week of massive humidity and mosquitoes bites (oh! how I itch!) makes me think otherwise. Where to live if I should see retirement remains a mystery to me.

…I think of avoiding putting Splenda in my coffee, based on the notion it is just as bad as sugar. However, I don’t know of any real evidence to support this presumption. Aspartame is another object of suspicion but at least it breaks down before arriving in the small intestine to upset the wee-beasties therein into rebellion. 

…Books are not read so much as skimmed. Despite a lifelong habit of reading, it remains hard for me to not skip over paragraphs of description and go ahead to the conversation bits or action parts of a novel. This is especially true when I read 19th century classics. It took a lot of time to learn it was OK to stop reading something if I wasn’t liking it; now I work on the notion it is OK to not read every word of something. 

…I give out advice to people I overhear talking in hardware stores or airports, as I know the answer to their inquiry, but then I remember

a) they didn’t ask me

b) they have iPhones to look up stuff


c) this is so like my father to do so it makes me squirm.

…Latin phrases are fun to say, although admittedly this is done mostly to show off as nobody knows nowadays what they mean. I might say “Amor fati”* and then I wait to see for someone to ask me what does that mean so I can tell them. This never happens. 

…My feelings are hurt when certain blogger buddies don’t leave comments when I leave comments on theirs. Then I remind myself this way of thinking is petty. I am not in grade school when we exchanged Valentine’s cards and I didn’t get one from Dicky Purdy when I gave him a handmade lovely card.  

…I put a pinch of garum masala in anything I cook to give the dish a bit of a ‘kick’ and to see if this enhances things or not. 

…Kleenex boxes make very good hats.

…I get very sad sitting in airports waiting to fly home from a holiday, or in this case a week of caretaking, knowing I am going back to the mundane. I am experiencing this emotion now. But then I remember tonight I see Someone and my dog (I miss them so!) and get to sleep in my own bed – sans humidity sans mosquitoes and things are OK.  🙂

*”Amor fati” – “Love of fate”. I say this out loud during rough times, to remind myself I can nevertheless learn something from this undesired event. This is life; life has pain – but let’s love what happens as a means to grow.  

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