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Come see what happens in my mind when Urs Truly bites the big one…..

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections does not take kindly to standing in lines. You can imagine when it comes to standing in lines and following orders they have all the patience of chickens after table scraps. [1] Nor do they take kindly to entries about standing in lines. Mythical Viking editors are definitely in the ‘chaotic neutral’ category of Dungeons & Dragons. [2] Lately they have been asking me to drive them to their various appointments given they have been banned (again) from Uber and the like. They won’t ride the tramline as this requires masks, and because car rides are one of their few pleasures in life, necessary for groceries, and free (since I pay for gas), they say I could at least put myself out to take them considering all they do for me. Urs Truly doesn’t like to consider all they do for me, but I am bracing myself to take them hither and yonder. I don’t know where this is going so I will stop.

OK, I’ve waited an evening at home for the Muses (or somebody like them) to inspire me to expand on this towards to something coherent and clever. Fat chance of that. As Father likes to say, I am bereft of an idea. I suppose I could educate on the D&D alignment categories but that sounds both dreadful and grasping for straws. [3]

If one has nothing to say should one skip a day of blogging until there is something substantial to write upon, or should one ‘write something, anything’ to be regular although it is rubbish? TBDHSR thinks most of what I write is rubbish, so that is no help. The Lawful Good in me says to do the latter, and apparently it is winning as here I am typing away when there is nothing coming out (oh the horror). The Chaotic Neutral element of my psyche doesn’t give a tosh what I write but simply likes typing and seeing what comes out, and it is infinitely more fun than writing progress notes which I should be doing.

I can take comfort that tomorrow is ‘World of Mine Wednesday’s Ws’, which provides structure; I do well with structure. TBDHSR says I don’t need structure so much as discipline and I cannot deny it.

I better push the publish button before this degenerates any further or I go back to Spo-reflections on alignment.

[1] Chickens are down-right ferocious at getting at whatever is put down for them. Patience above!

[2] Urs Truly is Lawful Good – most days.

[3] Oh very well, for thems interested ……..

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