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What’s top of my mind: The new medical assistant – The latest incarnation showed up on Monday. I don’t remember her name. She is in training at the moment. I hope this ends soon, for I am temporarily doing my job AND hers. I can’t renew scripts and answer phone calls during work hours (no time to do so), so I do this in the evening time. I hope she is good – and she stays.

Where I’ve been:  Lake St. Clair – It rained all last week while I was in Michigan, Land of Perpetual Mosquitoes. However on Saturday the sun came out, causing Brother #4 to want to go for a boat ride. We two went out on the family speed boat, “The Winsome”. It was lovely to be back on the water, feeling and seeing familiar sights. It uplifted my spirits like nothing else. Oh how I miss The Great Lakes! I am wasted here in the desert.

Where I’m going:  The post office – I need to pop in the post the shirt I made last month for Glen W. He asked me to wait to mail it until he moved and settled in his new home, St. John’s NL (that’s Newfoundland). Going to the post office is usually a no-fun endeavor as the patrons tend to be oldsters who have to wait in line and while they do so, rather than staring into their cellphones like younger folks, they complain out loud to whomever is next to them in line. I plan to have a ‘wait in line’ book with me to send a sign onto others I am not interested in knowing what they think is wrong about the postal service nor they got up at 5AM.

What I’m watching:   Nadiya videos – I recently heard about “Nadiya” on a food podcast episode. She is the young woman who won the British Bake-off in 2015. Her story is a marvelous one; I love seeing underdogs, especially bright young women, ‘make it’ despite the odds against them. I too am hooked by her charms. I like watching her cooking videos. Now I want to get one of her cookbooks.

What I’m reading:  The Satanic Verses – I want to see what all the fuss is about. I haven’t gotten too far into it; so far the prose is clever and the story fanatical, but I haven’t run across anything that strikes me as blasphemy. I tend gravitate to ‘banned books’ as I think it a blasphemy to ban a book. Last week, while playing Trivial Pursuit, I readily knew the answer to the TP question: what is the temperature for burning books. Not only did my siblings not know this but they didn’t know where 451F comes from. Oh the horror.

What I’m listening to:  “The Darwinian Revolution” lecture series at ‘The Great Courses’. His works and ideas are also burned and banned. I think it was George B. Shaw who said all great truths start out as blasphemies.

What I’m eating: On the run – This week Someone and I are up to our ears in long work hours. Each day we are coming home late and too tired to cook, so we are doing a lot of take out, and that ain’t good. This Thursday we get a Hello Fresh/Blue Apron meal box to return us to proper eating and portion control.

What I’m paying attention to:  Harper – It’s hard seeing your dog grow old. She seems slower and less responsive these days. She is listless and not very responsive to me. It makes me sad to see her fade away and not reach out to me much anymore.

What I’m planning:  A major tidy upLa Casa de Spo is in disarray and in need of a tidy-up. The dishes and laundry need desperate attention. Coming home on Sunday I felt like Snow White showing up at The House of the Height-challenged. Time to channel my working song.

What’s making me smile: Most mornings I send out a “Good morning” meme to my nearest and dearest – or at least the ones who seem to like this sort of thing. Many now respond to mine with a good morning meme of their own. These make me smile or even laugh out loud in their silliness. It is a good way to start the day, a bit of nonsense.

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