I’ve am feeling sad. On Monday I learned a friend had died. Janice was recently in hospice with terminal pancreatic cancer; she was in her 80s. Her surviving son announced her death on Facebook. I wish I had called her to say good-bye. Her son Robert and I shared lodgings when we lived in Chicago in the early 90s. I would visit Robert’s family who lived in Wilmington, NC. I got to know his parents. After he moved out, I learned Robert had died from AIDS. I kept in touch with his mother as sort of a monument to Robert’s memory. Janice and I were not close – I sensed I would trigger memories of her dead son. And now Janice is gone too.

Today on Facebook my future ex-wife and long time bartender Kat announced she was leaving that job to focus on her new business. FB was inundated with congratulations and sadness – you the the type: when you feel good for the person but sad at their leaving. The pub will have a massive ‘last call’ party next week. I need to get to this. I doubt I will see her again for we really didn’t have anything in common but the business. I will miss her.

Then there is this card that arrived yesterday:

The late Anne-Marie A.K.A. Warrior-Queen had actually bought me a birthday card before she took ill and died. Who does this sort of thing? Good people, that’s who. Todd conveyed he found it and (the dear!) mailed it:

The dog looks a lot like Harper; I bet AM did this on purpose. It is another example on how amazing and thoughtful she was.

With three losses of lovely ladies in a row I am feeling the sadness of Time passing and people going and the ephemeral of Life. We all go through this sort of stuff. If we wait long enough, people leave us in some way or another. The vast majority of people we encounter on our Life Journey do not stay; maybe less than 1% make it through Time. Perhaps it is best not to try to hold onto everybody, but enjoy their company while we can. As the Countess says: “with my way it doesn’t last until death, but it’s fun while it hangs together’.