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Wanda the Witch who washes wiry wigs on Wednesday

What’s top of my mind: Nothing. My hummingbird brain seems quite fitful these days, unable to settle on one thing that rises to be ‘top of my mind’. This happens a lot lately. If you asked me what’s top of my mind right this moment, that would be the reported number of dropped pills Someone says is behind the vanity in the master bathroom. This needs tidy-up.

Where I’ve been:  Nowhere. Since last week’s WWW I haven’t traveled any or been anywhere interesting. I tried going to FedEx and UPS on Sunday to mail a shirt but both were closed. I was surprised at this. In this day and age with everything seemingly open 24/7 these shops are closed. Finding time in the work week to go is difficult; might as well go to the USPS. Normally one to go to Santa Fe at this time of the year, I will miss this annual event.

Where I’m going: “Kat’s last call“. Oh the pain. Kat, my future-ex-wife has announced she is leaving the bartending scene to focus on her printing job. Bar patrons are howling like an orchestra of scorched cats, glad for her endeavors but sorrowful at her departure. Tomorrow is “Kat’s last call” at Kobalt. The number of people coming may be in the hundreds. I will sorely miss her. I may write more on this sometime.

What I’m watching: “Addressing the stigma around mental health conditions for physicians”. Tonight the local branch of the APA is doing a webinar to address physicians with depression. It is sponsored by the Arizona Medical Board which I find ironic if not bordering on ill. Doctors don’t disclose they are suffering from anxiety/depression, as to do so jeopardizes their license to practice. Rather than seeking help, they end up killing themselves. The AMB and their ilk routinely asks doctors in their renewal applications about sign/symptoms and treatment for mental illness. I am keen to hear what the AMB and the APA say on this matter. The audience should resemble an orchestra of scorched cats. I wonder what the AMB will say, and will they be believed if they assure things are OK. I doubt it.

What I’m reading:  “Last of the Mohicans“. I am enjoying this novel; it is not as difficult as Mr. Cooper’s other novels to slog through his lexicon. I am keen to see a move version of this novel, as the book is quite dated. The Native Americans, although described as noble and virtuous are also called ‘savages’ and ‘the redskins”). The dialogue borders on melodrama cheeziness.

What I’m listening to:  AMA Covid-19 update. Here it is The AMA has a podcast on the latest Covid-19 updates, including ‘delta’ news and latest recommendations. This podcast is more sane and trustworthy than other my other news sources on the subject. I’ve kept my masks on all this time and it looks like my prudence was the right thing to do – and I plan on keeping them on. I will also get a booster vaccine when it is certain this is a good thing to do.

What I’m eating: Pharm rep lunches. They’re back! The bosses said it was OK for them to return. I was surprised by this decision. I sense they did this as the staff at both offices get fed some this way. It didn’t take long for the reps to fill up my dance card with lunches; they are eager to get back to face-to-face presentations after a year’s hiatus. I am doing a better job at smiling and nodding rather than pouncing on the questionable statements.

Who I’m paying attention to:  The delta variety of covid-19. Oh the pain. I’ve studied all the plagues of mankind and it’s the same story: as soon as the bug de jour starts dying down people drop their guard and lo! there is a return, which is harder for thems in charge to get folks to do what’s right as they don’t want to return to what was needed for a bunch of (usual reasons). I bet you a sixpence we will see a return of staying home/isolation etc. because we f-cked up and weren’t wise – again.

What I’m planning:  A weekend dinner. If I am to cook every recipe in the accordion file and cookbooks I better get a move-on. I try every weekend now to make something new/adventuresome. There is not lack of recipes to choose from. I have a unopened cannister of ‘five-spice’ I bought for something that I never got around to making and now I don’t remember what it was. Working backwards, I will try to find which recipe asks for five-spice and act accordingly – unless some Spo-fan has a to-die-for recipe involving said ingredient. Suggestions are welcome.

What’s making me smile:  Nothing. I’m sad to report this week nothing is making me smile. 😦 This isn’t correlated to any specific matter; there isn’t anything particularly bad going on. Perhaps this is influenced by the knowledge Hair Furor was in town last weekend, preaching his B.S-etitudes to his myrmidons who sucked up everything like idol worshipers before their golden calf. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but it still clouds my moods readily.

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