What’s top of my mind: Scheduling. I need to schedule several things: my next weekend to Michigan, a dentist appointment, and an appointment with The Good Doctor. This is not as easy at is sounds, for it means calls and coordination of work, Someone, and what is available. Work appreciates ~ 3 months in advance notice, as I get booked so quickly; when I schedule time off the administrative staff has to call patients and reschedule patients – some of them have been waiting for months to see me. If I were less Midwestern and more of an a-hole I would be so sensitive or care about how my taking time off upsets others. I tend to NOT take time off for self-care as it causes troubles (and ire) in others. All the same I need to get my choppers cleaned and my blood work done and Brothers #2-4 need to know when I am coming in.

Where I’ve been: The new breakfast place. There is a new eatery in the nearby mall for breakfast and lunch, ‘new’ that it’s been open for a while but we’ve not gone to it given covid19. It has ample seating outdoors and we wore our maskies so we felt OK to try it. Someone is not a big breakfast eater while I find eating out for breakfast iw a real treat. We deemed it a good experience: the place had lots of oh-so-healthy and creative dishes, not just the usual breakfast diner stuff. We will return – someday. Trouble is, eating outside at this time of year is a hot and humid endeavor. We will wait until things cool down a bit, which means mid-October.

Where I’m going: Pier 1 Imports – or something like it. I like burning candles, much to the chagrin of Someone and The Bosses, who are forever worried I am going to burn down home and office. I usually get my candles at Pier 1 Imports, but I think they are no more, so I will have to go elsewhere. Maybe Joanne’s has some. I would like some sky blue candles, apropos for the month of August. I will shop alone, as Someone dislikes going into candle/soap shops as the perfume of the products gives him instant headaches and nausea.

What I’m watching: Overly Sarcastic Productions. This YouTube series remains my favorite. They do cartoon summaries and lectures on history, mythology, and movie tropes. “Red” does the myths/tropes and “Blue” does the history/philosophy lectures. Here’s an example:

What I’m reading: The same books: The last of the Mohicans and The mystery of the screaming clock. I am allowing myself to be distracted too much by YouTube videos at night time. I’ve recently read almost any amount of ‘blue light’ at night is detrimental to one’s sleep and we should lay off all screens after 8PM. I’d sleep better if I put down the phone and read under amber light. Indeed, a chapter written by Mr. Cooper puts me to sleep swifter than anything.

What I’m listening to: “Hadestown“. The story of Mr. and Mrs. Euripides continually gets a makeover; every generation seems to get the version it deserves. “Hadestown” is the latest version. More fascinating to me is the continuous makeover of Hades and Persephone. Their story has evolved (returned?) to that of a staid couple on equal terms kicking butt and doing well as couple. I am wildly curious to see what Hadestown does with the two of them. Overly Sarcastic Productions does a sensational job on the topic.

What I’m eating: Blueberries and Peaches. Both are ‘in season’. When one enters visits Uncle Albertsons one is immediately confronted with tables piled with these two delectable delicacies, high as Fafner’s hoard. I should buy a bunch of blueberries and freeze them for hard and bleak times like February. I eat the peaches as they are. I have one after dinner for Small Chocolate Cone. They taste like summer.

Who I’m paying attention to: The ceiling. The plastic white cover for the fluorescent light in the laundry room as come unhinged so it is hanging down off one side at a 45-degree angle. We need to haul in the extension ladder before it falls like the sword of Damocles. The ceiling fan in the office we dare not turn on as it wobbles so as if it is trying to come off its hinges and sails away like a helicopter. I went up on a ladder to hold an inspection and I can safely say I now know no more about ceiling fans than before. At La Casa de Spo, the usual approach to house problems is to ignore it and go without, but these two matters require action lest we have our heads crushed like soft boiled eggs.

Speaking of eggs……

What I’m planning: Soft boiled eggs. Norman P (the dear!) is sending me from the faraway kingdom of Nova Scotia a set of egg cups and Traveling Penguin (the dear!) sent me a soft boiled egg crusher. This jentacular pair comes together like The Wonder Twins to activate a most fabulous breakfast. While I wait for Post Canada to do their duty, I will do some research in the cookbooks on how to make soft-boiled eggs, proper ones no rubbish types. This isn’t as easy as it looks. A minute too early or too much could ruin the effect. I suspect I will need practice before I figure out how to do it right. It will be jolly good fun dropping the steel ball down onto the eggs. It will feel like the finale of my favorite opera “Dialogues of the Carmelites”.

What’s making me smile: Viking helmets. What is it about these stupid non-historical chapeaus that makes me smile so? Every time I see some in a cartoon or comedy sketch they make me smile. I have two of my own: one for every day wear, and the other ‘more fancy’ for Board meetings and get-together at Heorot Johnsons II. When ever I am taking myself or the world too seriously (oh what a good blog entry idea!) I don a Viking hat and I immediately cheer up.