Note: While writing this I became quickly tired I didn’t finish it per se. I will write something more cohesive (and interesting on Friday) Spo

Lately I’ve been down in the dumps and I cannot pinpoint why. Whenever I am in an emotional state I always pick it apart to find the wherefore and from whence it comes. I was trained in classical analytical theory to think emotions have an etiology is we look deep enough. This isn’t always true; sometimes we cannot find ‘the reason’, or the reason(s) isn’t as simple as we would like it to be. We like explanations, and simples ones. I sure do.

Alas, Babylon! I cannot figure out the ‘why’ for my current cantankerous condition. It is too early for my ‘fall melancholia” which usually hits me between late August through mid-October. There are a bunch of little things at work and at home, but none of these are major; perhaps together they form a critical mass to make me sad. It could be perhaps that my shoes are too tight. It could be my head isn’t screwed on just right. But whatever the reason, my head or my shoes, I stand here in blog-land hating the Whos. “In mood” we used to say when I was growing up when one of us was being logy and pugnacious about something.

When in a down state, the opposite approach is not going poking about the whys and the wherefores but to work on what to do about it – or at least get around the nuisance. After work I will go to the gym and do some weights, which usually helps my mood, although the place is packed with people none of them wearing masks.* Stretching is also salubrious for my sour states. Turning off the news (all of it) is quite useful as well. Mostly what I do is persevere and do the right thing and keep in mind these mood dips don’t last.

Perhaps the elements of melancholy aren’t so much what is happening but what is not happening. Again there is no August trip to faraway lands for theatre like Stratford, NOTL, or PEI (Canada) or Utah (A country of its own). All we are doing these days is work/come home and a few hours of something prior to rinse and repeat. Someone comes home very tired and crashes in front of the TV; I do my language lessons, and try to read something (blogs, books, or whatnot). Today is the first Thursday without happy hour and Kat the future-ex-wife; I am sure that is an element to my moods.**

This weekend I need to make something scrumptious, like a new dish or loaf of rye bread – fingers crossed this time it works. If I ever finish slogging through “The Last of the Mohicans” the next read should be a light read hopefully with no real value than a couple of yucks.

*I never stopped wearing masks in public areas; I do not plan on stopping. I am still ready with several bon mots carefully calculated to make the inquirer uncomfortable for having asked. This is not nice but it is fun to let out once in awhile my inner-Hannibal Lector.

**On the positive, I will save a lot of time and money and calories no longer driving across town in the blazing heat and rush hour traffic. I can add another day to the gym and work out.