Medscape is an on-line medical periodical that sends links to articles. These reads vary in their contents from the latest study in this, that, or the other, to social matters. These are mere headlines; they look to be carefully worded to entice me to click and go. To me they often look sensationalist, more akin to tabloid headlines than professional papers. A recent one caught my eye, it was titled:

Physicians Behaving Badly: Has It Gotten Worse?

Mind! I didn’t read all the article, but the gist was there’s a rise among physicians posting on social media, ranging from tasteless to downright gawd-awful-what-were-they-thinking sort of items. The authors of the article made the point some of these online shenanigans have led to investigations, being fired, and in some cases doctors having to resign their posts. I didn’t see if MDs were doing things more compared to non-MDs or to other medical professionals (nurses perhaps). Nor did I read much about the demographics of the dorky doctors posting this sort of stuff. In the summary the authors remind us we are an austere and dignified profession that must keep our dignity at all times and to think twice before posting on Facebook and Twitter that disgraceful photo or controvserial commentary.

As mentioned yesterday Urs Truly is continually on Facebook and I write here on WordPress on a near daily basis. I often wonder when The APA Secret Police will suddenly show up at my office ala The Spanish Inquisition and drag me away for deprogramming or perform a DEA-ectomy. Mind again! I think twice, nay three times, before I press the publish button. I don’t publish too much politics and when I write about work it is the abstract, but in this day and age when people no longer can take a joke even my attempts at humor and satire could result in my arrest (it could happen). Sometimes I think I should go back and remove entries of me wearing silly costumes and Viking hats, lest some future employer or patient find them.*

On the other hand I am nearly 60yo and have grown more not giving tuppence what others think. As stated yesterday my Bosses seem OK with me (or they feel stuck with me). I am known to clown around and wear silly hats and write rubbish about my house and mind being possessed. If the APA, The medical boards, the patients, nay the world, are shocked or outraged so bet it. The ghost or spirit of the late Anne Marie has joined the personnel here at Heorot Johnsons II to inspire me not to give a f-ck. (Oh that does sound like her! Thanks Warrior Queen! )

The Medscape article was worried about physicians behaving badly; I am more worried about not behaving badly enough. I suppose I could start writing some outrage or posting photos of me sans pants (there have been requests). If someone should be so mean-spirited and post a photo of me on holiday slightly pixilated in Palm Springs, I won’t deny it or apologize or be ashamed. I can always pick up my marbles, fling my feather boa over my shoulder (if I can get them over my horns) and head into the sunset, proud to know while I was a fool I didn’t do anything cruel or uncaring.

“Dance like there’s no one watching” – Anne Marie

*Once in a while a patient will come in and announce “I found your blog”, usually in the second appointment, which implies a) they looked me up after the evaluation and b) it wasn’t so bad they didn’t return. I don’t know the number of folks who never make it in or return for follow up having read Spo-reflections and coming to the conclusion I am not to be trusted.