It’s the mid-week and call it what you will: Wednesday, Hump-day, Wotan’s day, whatever suits your people. Regardless what you name it, it’s time again for the 10 Ws. This meme appears to be a popular one, as measured its use by blogger buddies and by the number of comments it gets and by the hearty hails from Heorot Johnsons II. Here is the mid-August edition.

What’s top of my mind: Autumn. I’ve had it with summer with its hot temps and humidity. Bring on autumn! I promised Someone I would not haul out the fall decorations and the pumpkin spice flavored goods until after Labor Day. I count the days.

Where I’ve been: Bloodbath & Beyond. This is what I call Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I put my foot down we need new kitchen towels. Due to constant use the dish rags and towels are dog-eared and dirty despite repeated washings. They make the kitchen look like we are trailer trash. We now have a fresh sets of red, yellow, and blue towels, bright, beautiful, and handy for spills, like my men. The old towels (may they rest in peace) have been demoted to the cleaning rags and workout towels.

My dentist. Please don’t feed him buns and things.

Where I’m going: The dentist. A few months ago The Good Dentist placed a rounded cap onto my back lower starboard-side molar, whose jagged edge resembled something out of “The Howling”. Alas, Babylon! It has fallen off, probably from crunching hard candy. I want another one, as my tongue is continually drawn to it to rub over the sharp points. Apparently they can’t do a routine cleaning at the same time; that appointment is about a week later. So I get to see The Good Dentist twice. In his office is a painting of Steve Martin from “Little Shop of Horrors”. Oh the pain.

What I’m watching: Rainstorms. On the Tube of Yous there are videos of falling rain; there are scores of them. They have a wide range of placements, from forests to Japanese gardens. There are videos of ocean waves as well. They go on for hours. I like having one in the background at work when I am able.

What I’m reading: The Anthropocene Review” by John Green. Mr. Green does a brilliant podcast of the same title. He writes reflections on this, that, and the other. I am mad-jealous of his writing; I wish I could write as he does. I am glad to have these essays in writing, so I can read them slowly, pause, reread them as I need to, and highlight really lovely sentences. I give Mr. Green’s book ‘four and a half stars” (a references to how he rates things). Why not a ‘5″? The type is too small !

What I’m listening to: Lola. Patience above! I haven’t heard this tune in decades! Some demon decided to drop it into the recesses of my pumpkin and now it’s ensconced and won’t leave. Fascinating! When I heard it I recognized it right away and recalled every lyric. It was a pretty bold tune for its time. With that said, Lola can leave now.

What I’m eating: Blueberries. ‘Tis the season hohoho. Every night or so I have a cupful of these lovelies for ‘Small Chocolate Cone’. I never grow tired of them with relish. Sometimes I eat them with slices of peaches or nectarines. What a summertime delight that is.

Who I’m paying attention to: followers. The overlords at WordPress continually tell me ‘So-and-so is now following your blog’. I’ve lost count how many but I think it is over one hundred. I don’t know where they come from or why the do this. These ersatz Spo-fans don’t seem to be ones who leave comment. Frankly, I smell a rat. I haven’t gone to their blogs to investigate lest they are traps. Does anyone else get these? Are they legit? Perhaps Hugh, The High Priest of Blogging, can shed some light on this one.

What I’m planning: Making chili. I usually think of this as good for the fall and winter months, but I am hankering for some chili. I have heaps of recipes. People get awfully queer about constitutes proper chili. There is always the argument whether or not to add beans (I do for the extra protein and fiber) and how spicy should it be. Chili is a practical dish as one can make a large pot and eat off it for days, it gets better with age. Chili make good leftovers for transportation in Tupperware for lunch.

What’s making me smile: The Adventures of Nick Danger. The Firesign Theatre were masters at verbal comedy. Their “Nick Danger” series is a parody on the detective ‘noir’ radio shows. It never fails to make me laugh. Here is a typical episode. It is about thirty minutes but jam-packed with smiles and well worth hearing. If you don’t, well you’re no fun you fall right over.