You walrus hurt the one you love.

What’s top of my mind: Hallowe’en. It’s not even Labor Day and I am already excited about All Hollow’s Eve. I am making a list of movies to watch (recommendations are welcome), and what treats and dishes to make. This gives me something to look forward to. But first, there is September with its autumn splendor. No ghoulies and such until 1 October. Then all hell breaks loose.

Where I’ve been:  Nowhere. I go to work, the gym, and the grocery store. I don’t go out otherwise. We are supposed to go to Palm Springs in November but we are beginning to have doubts. We have a few weeks to determine this.

Where I’m going:  The Good Dentist. After work today I have a routine cleaning. It should go OK. I like my dentist (who is well over four feet). Unfortunately he is like my previous dentist he/his staff are always trying to sell me things I didn’t know I need. The dialogue resembles the scene in “Young Frankenstein” where the doctor assures Igor he can fix his hump and Igor responds with ‘what hump?” I should get moving on the long-delayed replacement of my missing back molar, but this will be quite expensive and time-consuming to do, and I don’t know if it is worth it.

What I’m watching: the post. Last spring when I ordered the new type of pasta, I made two major bungles. The first one was the result of not paying attention to the amounts I was ordering. A few weeks ago I received a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-Molly-Brown box of pastas, enough to feed a restaurant for a fortnight. The second mistake was only recently discovered. Apparently I double ordered everything. I got an email saying this shipment (possibly larger than the first one) arrives this week. Oh the horror. We will live off this hoard for many months.

What I’m reading:  Clinical trials. I’ve been shooting off my mouth again in the pharmaceutical lunches asking questions I know the reps don’t know the answers to. I have to do my own research if I want a straight answer to questions, like does a medication indicated for “A” have data to support it helps with “B”. It is somewhat moot if I see “B” is helped while I am treating ‘A”. That is good-enough data, provided the patient and I both know this is ‘off-label’. Often I get a patient declining a prescription on the grounds it is ‘not well researched’ who takes all sorts of snake-oil supplements of which they don’t know the contents. People are awfully picky about what the will do/not do.

What I’m listening to:  The Darwinian revolution. I am finally getting around to a twelve-part lecture on the history of Charles Darwin and his theory. The ones most vociferous against his theory often have never actually read his work or what know what it actually means. I have read “The Origins of Species” twice (it is a lofty tome). It is about natural selection, not evolution per se. I convince no one as people are set in what they believe.

What I’m eating: Pickled turnips. I am in a pickling phase, trying to make vegetables handy for munching rather than turning to nasty chips and the like. I’m trying different techniques of pickling and trying different vegetables. I like root vegetables. My first attempt at pickled carrots were a disappointment that they taste like carrots in vinegar. The pickled turnips are tasty. Someone doesn’t care for pickles other than he likes my pickled jalapenos, which he eats with relish.

Who I’m paying attention to:  River Run. This website is mesmerizing. Pick a point on the continental USA, and you drop down to watch a drop of water flow from its source to its destination. I could do this all day long.

What I’m planning:  Labor Day weekend. Normally nothing happens on Labor Day weekend. We don’t go anywhere as the traffic this weekend is horrid, and Someone usually has to work. So I am home for three days. I tend to take the ‘labor’ in Labor Day literally and I try to do things about the house, including repairs. What can I say, I lead a dull life.

What’s making me smile: Nothing. This is a sad thing to realize, worse than the “Where I’ve been” report. The world and its woes gets to me. I cannot remember when I last had a really good smile about anything. 😦

P.S. A few hours after I this was written, a patient came in and they gave me a book: an illustrated book tale of “Dick Whittington and his cat” The patient explained many months ago I recommended reading this story.* The patient found it uplifting and very helpful to matters at hand. The patient wanted to thank me by giving me a copy. This made me smile. A lot. 🙂

*I have no memory of this. This is an example of something for which I wish there was a name. I will say something to someone, some off-hand remake not consciously meant to be profound or transformative. Indeed, they are often an impromptu thought. I don’t remember them. Some time later I run into the recipient. They say “What you told me changed my life, mister” or words of that effect. I am amazed. Yesterday I mentioned “Into the Woods’. There is a song “Children will listen” ‘careful the things you say, children will listen’. These vignettes remind me to be always careful what I say, as even the smallest words can do great harm or great good.