All hail and greetings! This be Sven, Chair-Master of The Board of Directors here at Spo-reflections. #1 Thrall Urspo tell us certain Spo-fans well over four feet requested conversation. We don’t write as good as he do so I am dictating to my secretary who has permission to make it sound good.

He write often stuff we do not care or understand but it brings tribute we happy. He suggest we take questions and give answers. As Spo says, jolly good fun!

Ask anything! We are Sven, Bjorn, Helga, Snori, #23, Slater-Wotan, Oscar “Bunny” Jarl, Walter Cnut Fafner, and Herbert.

If this fun we do it again!

If no fun we tear off Spo’s yarbles.

Signed, Hlökk

Under-secretary to Sven, Chieftain, The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections, T.E.,B.S. etc.