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Someone took the car to go into the office to work on some urgent deadline, so I am ‘home alone’ and bereft of a vehicle to go to the gym- didn’t want to go anyway.

It’s Labor Day weekend, which gives me permission to drag out the fall trimmings. For the master bed, I love to wrap garlands around the beams, apropos for the season.

It is strenuous work; some of us are rawther exhausted.

In the fall storage containers I found masks I made last year I prudently packed away lest I need them again. Alas, Babylon! It is so. Unfortunately, they are last year’s fashions. I may make some new ones lest there is talk at Uncle Albertsons.

Spo-fans may recall I accidentally bought too much pasta and now up to my oxters in boxes of zuppa, cascetelli, trumpets etc. Someone suggested we freeze some lest it spoil. I read on the internet dried pasta keeps for years. I checked the boxes. On them it says ‘Best used by August 2023’, so I guess we are safe to keep them on the shelves.

Spo-fans may also recall my recent entry on fairy tales. On my reading list are the fairy tale books by Andrew Lang. Mr. Lang put together a dozen books or so of fairy tales, each tome with a color in its title. “The Yellow Fairy Book”, “The Red Fairy Book” you get the picture. It turns out they are all free to download onto my Kindle, so last night I did just that. Suddenly I have over 140 fairy tales to read. I will read one each night as I fall asleep.

Back to pasta now. Yesterday for lunch I made a sort-of Hamburger Helper but I used bison, not ground round, and I used fancy organic pasta noodles, not elbow macaroni. I also used my own amalgam of ‘Italian seasoning”. It sort of turned out tasting like the usual Hamburger Helper, but I had the quiet satisfaction I made mine from proper ingredients no rubbish. You can’t take the Midwestern out of me but I can coif it up.

We have a week left to consider canceling our week-long holiday in Palm Springs this November. I really want to go, as this trip was canceled before, in February 2020. Returning was sort of symbol of the return of normalcy. Also I have not had a proper holiday in over two years. The sensible part of me says this is the right decision viz. cancel, even though it is a big disappointment to do so. I’d hate to go to CA and be limited to my room for a week, unable to go out to restaurants etc. As I type this the decision seems more clear: better safe than sorry. Maybe I will still take a week off and work around the home. 😦

Well that’s all the Spo-bits for this Sunday. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections hasn’t yet responded to my email this morning asking did they enjoy yesterday’s entry. I suspect they are pleased as Punch for the attention and might do so again. I still have my yarbles so that’s a good sign.

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