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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections was pleased as Punch with the outcome of yesterday’s entry. As a group, they are not one to ‘talk about their feelings’ or use reason to solve conflict but go immediately to slapping and fisticuffs to settle differences. By the way, The Board Directors etc. oblige all visitors to Heorot Johnsons II to wear masks and leave their weapons at the door before entering. While fearless in fights they are easily spooked by contagion.

As I type this, it is raining – through the sound system. Emanating from the Logitech speakers is the sonorous sound of continual rainfall with the occasional thunder in the distance. I love this sort of thing. Outside is it perpetual sunshine without a cloud in the sky – and this is likely to remain so for many weeks. Many people move to Arizona for just this reason. I would be quite content to live in a rainforest. My ancient Nordic/English genetics must make me feel at home with inclement weather, for rainy days invariably cheer me up and make me feel good. Snow and blizzards do the same thing. If by some chance I manage to make it to retirement, I want to live in a place with seasons that include rainy springs and blizzard-like winters. Proper storms, no rubbish types.

A different interpretation of my feeling good to hear rain and see snow it these are the sounds of nature, and I don’t hear that sort of thing often anymore. In AZ it is nearly impossible to open a window so one hears only the hum of the AC and the din of an office. There are a brief lovely times in the early spring and late autumn where the temperatures are just right to open the windows at home to let in some noise. At night I hear the coyotes howl, which is nice to hear.

I sometimes wonder how much of our woes and stress would lessen if we had more access to Nature. For 300,000 years (give or take a few years) we’ve been in constant contact with Nature. We were enmeshed. Now, many of us are cut off from Nature. It is something we see on screens. This must do something bad to our psyches, to be out of touch with such.

There is a fellow in mythology named Antaeus. His strength came from being in contact with the ground. Mr. Hercules defeated Mr. Antaeus by lifting him off the ground, depriving him of his connection to his strength, and thus crushing him in a bear-like hug. Do not try this at home.

Apparently Hercules crushing Antaeus is a popular sculpture.
I posted this example as it has a scotch.
Why the stationary is there is a mystery.

Mr. Antaeus’ connection to Nature for strength makes the point we need to be likewise. I try whenever possible to open windows and walk without shoes. Hikes into the wilderness ought to be done on a regular basis. Heck, the Japanese are actually prescribed this activity. It is called Shirin-yoku, or “forest bathing”. It is not merely the walking exercise or the removal of ones self from the grind that works. The phytochemicals and sounds one get into our lungs and up our noses press all sorts of buttons in the brain that correlate with wellness.

Easier said than done. Here, it is so hot most of the year one must do this sort of thing early in the morning, before the sun rises. Certainly our dog walks ‘count’ as Harper gets a lot of good things up her nose. In future trips (whenever they are feasible) I think to go to less cities and to more parks. I need to get my inner-Antaeus firmly ensconced into the land.

Spo-fans: tell me where you go for a walk in the woods as it were. Have you forests? Seashores? Parks? How often do you go? And, do you leave the phone behind?

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