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I got most of my weekend chores done yesterday, leaving today relatively open for leisure. I still have some things to do, including ironing the co-called no-iron trousers. I sometimes think this is a waste of time as no one looks at that sort of thing, or so I suppose. Most of the time I am on ‘zoom’ and could be in cargo shorts for all that matters. I now associate ironing with ‘Dr. Who’; while I watch The Doctor running around doing Doctor-shenanigans I press the shirts and iron the napkins.

Someone has to work today. “Home alone” time is a good time to work on a Spo-shirt. I found a whimsical pattern of pumpkins and black cats. If I start cutting now I will get it done in time for All Hallows Eve. Speaking of Halloween, yesterday I was supposed to be going to the barbers but there was an hour-long wait, so I made a sudden stop at Depot de Home and bought several strands of lights in orange and purple. I will try again today – minus the impulse buying.

I totally forgot that 10 September is the birthday of the nephew, Posthumous Thomas. He already has a room-full of LEGO and a basement with even more, so who knows what to get him. I will get him a birthday card and perhaps insert in some cash. As a boy when I received a birthday card in the post my first emotional response was to wonder if there was a dollar or better yet a 5-dollar bill in it – and I was disappointed when there wasn’t any. Once somebody sent me a 3-dollar bill, on which there was a fellow resembling Freddie Mercury. I am all for having a genuine 3-dollar bill, perhaps with President Buchannan on it. It could happen.

Final Sunday Spo-bit (for four is a good enough number for bits): Tomorrow is ‘bulk trash’ day and the neighbors have been begun hauling to the curb various large broken things like wicker furniture and busted chests of drawers. When I lived in Chicago there was no need for a bulk trash day as one only had to put anything out into the alley and it would be gone quick as a quarter note. It was almost a challenge to see how bad something would be to have it not whisked away by a pack rat. Today I am putting out a broken shade umbrella and anything else that is bugging me at the moment. Let’s see what happens.

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