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Robzilla (the dear!) provided me a marvelous meme for a Monday. It is titled ‘mood check’; it is based on some rings from The Lantern Corps. I don’t know who they are but The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections looked them up in ‘The Observers Book of Mythical Organizations’ and assures they are ‘legit’ no rubbish types.  Spo.

Rage: Rage is Anger combined with Impotence. I’m angry but I feel I cannot do anything about it. Think of King Lear, naked, howling in the rainstorm and the injustices done to him by his daughters. I feel great rage at Ignorance in all its malicious forms. Ignorance shouts louder than Truth and it seems to be winning. The approach to rage is not to succumb. The trick is to not focus on what you cannot do, but what you can do. This turns Rage into Action. ‘Do what you can’ I tell myself when feel rage.

Avarice: The intense emotion of wanting more than one has already rests upon a feeling of deprivation. Avarice is the shape our unneeds take when feeling desperate. Feeling gratitude helps assuage the howl of sharpened famine that emanates from emptiness. My material needs are OK at the moment, so I am not feeling avarice so much as frivolous. I would like a new car and a new chair for the office, but I can do with what I have.

Fear: There is lots to fear these days of course. My challenge is not to be fearless but to learn from my fears what they are trying to tell me. Courage is the act of doing, despite the fear. I am not a courageous fellow, but every time I face my fears and do the right thing I feel a Superman. 

Willpower: A word and concept I am forever telling my patients to give up. This nonspecific emotion constantly causes shame and guilt in thems who try to use ‘willpower’ and fail. When I admit to myself I don’t have any (and good riddance) I paradoxically better my chances to succeed by working with my frailties and knowing my shortcomings. Willpower is worth a blog entry some day.

Hope: I don’t have the type of hope that sees the future knee-deep in buttercups and daisies.  The Stoics’ definition of Hope is not that things work out OK but despite what happens we will get by somehow.

Compassion: I try to constantly keep conscious of this in order to do the right thing.  This must be done even with the most loathsome of folks and the least liked of patients. I have to find something, anything about them for which I can plug my compassion into them in order to have any hope of being of use to them. It isn’t easy and it must be done constantly.  If I cannot elicit any compassion I need to get the patient someone else.

Love: There are many types of love of course. A sort of Love is the type I have for my Spo-fans and Blogger-buddies.  You are dears, all of you. 

Patience above! This meme isn’t anything at all what I meant it to be as I copied and pasted the outline.  

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