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I have a Facebook friend who is crackers for Christmas. He starts posting in the summer ‘how many days’ until 25 December. I constantly complain it is too early (and depressing) to consider such. I frequently refer him to . He gets turnaround every year about this time about my mania for All Hollow’s Eve. He has a point.

As a boy I took Hallowe’en very seriously; it was just as important as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Together they made the trinity of holidays. Later in life I developed “SAD” (seasonal affective disorder) propensities that start in mid-September. I discovered preparing for Hallowe’en helped the melancholy at this time of the year.* I carry on the tradition of doing lot of things in October to lift my spirits – pun intended.

The internet allows folks contact each others with similar beliefs. I am not the only zany who starts decorating and baking the moment the clock strikes midnight on the first of October. I don’t do everything at once. Over the four weeks I slowly roll things out, like Ravel’s ‘Bolero’, until the climax at the end of the month. Jolly good fun!

Someone has no interest in the holiday.** I’ve learned not to bother to ask for his input on how to do up the yard but just do what I want. His only asks I don’t put up the outside lights too early. He likes watching movies. This year I had a list of films, apropos for the season [3]. As stated earlier this week, the TV screen is kaput, so Hallowe’en may have no movies. Worse luck.

Another obstacle for the month is my diet. So many lovely things to make and I am not supposed to eat any! I will make some anyway, just for the fun.

There is a part of me that sees all this spooky fun nonsense as too silly for a nearly sixty-year-old man to be doing. My SAD doesn’t occur much anymore, probably because of where I live. All the same, once a year I lift myself up by getting in touch with ghoulies, ghosties, and things that go bump in the night. For four weeks I feel young and alive, bedazzled by orange and yellow colored lights. I guess I will continue so long as there are houses to haunt and trail mix to make.


[1] In psychology this is defense mechanism is called “the manic defense”. In a depression or depressive state, one keeps busy especially with revelry. To stop doing so, you face the sadness of your situation. Think Violetta, in Act I of ‘La Traviata”. If ever I was to buy a motorboat, I would christen is “The Manic Defense”.

[2] Oh the horror. Perhaps we should add ‘Do you do Hallowe’en?” as one of the vital questions one should ask a potential mate.

[3] What is – or was – on the list for viewing:

Hocus Pocus

The Haunting (1963)


Frankenstein versus the Wolfman

The Addams family values

Children of the corn

The Sentinel

Sleepy hollow

Trick R treat

The night of the demon

Spo-fans are welcome to provide movie recommendations of their own. I would love to hear about yours.

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