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Monday matters are a bit like Sunday Spo-bits, but later.

Yesterday I bought some hard cider and six bottles of autumn ales, many with pumpkin in them. I will allow myself one libation per week. I am one not to ‘have a beer’, but in October I will if the meal suggests it. I need to write down which ones I like/don’t want, so I don’t keep buying the rubbish types.

Speaking of journals, I bought Warrior-Queen a blank lined journal for her birthday. Brother #4 says she is beginning to show signs of depression. I started writing a journal about her age (1978!) and I found doing so helpful in many ways. I still write a journal, although what I put into it nowadays is mostly events, not feelings. The entries read more like a captain’s log than a diary. I hope writing helps WQ as much as it did me to get through the rocky times of pre-adolescence and beyond.

Last weekend I asked Mr. Bezos to send me a few items I need/want, which included a sponge mop head, a wrist rest for the office computer, and an orange mug with a black jack-o-lantern face. I won’t tell you which items fell into which category. The replacement bowl I purchased at great expense from last week still hasn’t arrived. When I called to inquire its status, I was told it is in Tennessee. This strikes me as an odd place for a bowl to be and how on earth did it get there in the first place. I hope it shows this week.

With the sale of the practice, The Bosses have new titles: The Boss-man is demoted to ‘no Boss’ status (he is retiring) and The Boss-woman is transformed into The Agent of the Overlords. She tells me there are exciting changes ahead, including the hiring of not one but possibly two nurse prescribers. Of course I immediately did the math: RN + RN – MD = unemployment. This is cynical nasty worst-case thinking, and any good cognitive behavioral therapist would be right on it. I asked in the exciting new changes could it conclude a new office chair, for mine looks quite worn out at the arm rests. TAO said ‘yes’, which gives me some assurance I should not take down the diplomas yet.

Final Monday matter: I made pumpkin pie snicker-doodles. They tasted like regular snicker-doodles. They are a tad orange, which is a bit off-setting as snicker-doodles usually aren’t that color. I plan to put up a sign at the office “these are pumpkin pie snicker-doodles’, made with real pumpkin. I am sure this will make a difference. Such is the power of advertising.

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