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Note: I don’t have anything today- nothing worthwhile anyway. The Muses or someone like them left me in a lurch. Once in awhile I write an exercise to see what comes out when given a concept. This must be what improv acting is about. This led to writing about The Muses or someone like them, so I’m confused. Spo

For some time I’ve been thinking of writing a list of all the folks and folklore who periodically pop up here on the blog. I get emails from time to time, mostly from newcomers, asking about who or what the heck is going on here. A list may be useful. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is all for it; they too get a lost as to who and what is going in and out of Heorot Johnsons II (and my mind). It is also jolly good fun making lists.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections. These vituperative Viking-sorts are in charge of it all ever since they invaded the blog. Like the Gauls, I figured it was better to bribe them to stay put and settle down rather than keep paying them off to stop bothering me. So I gave them the keys and they gave me a cubicle in the hall in which to write. Although they tend to be a bunch of bossy-boots and periodically threaten bodily harm they are overall not too bad bunch, underneath.

The Goddesses of Inspiration. These groups of ladies are where I turn to when I need ideas and inspiration. The include: The Muses; The Graces: The Norns: The Furies; The Fates; The Skanks. Sometimes it is the other way around: they suddenly pop in like Samantha’s relations with topics that often crazy-sounding at first but in time make for good writing. Like today’s post. Maybe.

La Casa de Spo house elves and such. These sordid sprites have a mission to interrupt life and make things generally annoying. I need to update this list for it seems a few more types have moved in. Maybe there is a five-star Yelp rating for such shenanigans.

Henrik the ghost. Henrik is a droopy spirit who creeps about the west side of the house. He is more irritating than scary. Someone has never encountered him. Henrik comes and goes and there are long periods when I begin to believe he’s gone for good, only to have him cough behind me while I am doing something causing me to shriek and lose my temper. Someone hearing the ruckus from the other side of the house, calls out asking what is the matter. “He’s back!” I reply. This usually stops the conversation.

Jenny Greenteeth. She is a grindylow-type who lies at the bottom of the cement pond in the backyard. She only comes out at night time. I won’t swim in the dark lest she drag me down to my doom in the depths to drown. Someone has no hesitation to swim in the dark. He is braver than I but no fun this way. T

Christmas lads. At Yuletide, out come The Tomte, The Yule Lads, The Krampus, and and I’m sure there are others but being it’s October I can’t recall them all right now.

I think that’s the lot of them, or at least the main ones. My head and household are also full up with archetypes, but these are not the same thing.

Come back tomorrow, I won’t be so away with the fairies.

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