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I recently watched “The Sentinel”. Ii is a horror movie I remember from my youth as quite scary. I wanted to see if it was still so. I put it on the list of movies to see at Halloween. This time I thought it cheesy, although the 70s attire was cute. I laughed at the ‘fully furnished newly decorated’ NYC apartment with its harvest gold appliances. It got me thinking about movies in general. The Muses (who like a good film) immediately pounced, saying go thou and write a meme. Here it is. Spo

A movie I will never watch: Arachnophobia. Even the title gets me going. You could not pay me enough to do so. End of discussion.

A movie that did not age well. Thoroughly Modern Millie. Once upon a time I thought it the most brilliant movie ever made for its acting, tunes, and choreography. Oh the pain.

A movie I never grow tired of seeing: Cabaret. Everything about this movie mesmerizes me: the acting, the tunes, the choreography. This one t, not Millie, has endured time.

A movie that still makes me laugh: Duck Soup. Whenever I am taking life, work, or myself too seriously, I watch a Marx Brothers movie. Duck Soup is their best. Run do not walk to see this masterpiece.

A movie ‘I don’t get’: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I lump this one into the common category of slasher movies something I don’t care to view. I have never liked ‘violence as entertainment’ and that goes for action shoot-them-up movies, with or without monsters.

A movie I want to see but never seem to get to: Wuthering Heights. This is the black and white version with Laurence Oliver in it. I want to see what they do with the book.

A movie I staunchly defend against all critics: Phantom of the Paradise. This movie hasn’t aged well, I admit it, but it had good points. The positives of the rock-n-roll world being taken over by cynical trash types more interested in sales and spectacle than talent. I think of this when I hear of today’s artists trying to make it up against the barons of the music industry and Spotify and Youtube and such.

A movie that is a must-see for Halloween/Christmas: The Haunting 1963; A Christmas Carol with Alistor Sims.

A movie you want everyone to see: Rashomon. This masterpiece of film is a must-see in my opinion even more than before. It is a story about a group of men passing time discussing a local crime where a bandit ambushed a couple in the woods. One man tells the tale as confessed by the bandit; one tells the police report of the woman; one (through a medium) tells the story from the killed man; and the last man we learn actually saw it – but his tale is suspect. Despite four witnesses there is a no conclusion what actually happened – and can we every know objective truth?

Spo-fans: please play along and list your movies in the meme. I would love to hear your responses. Perhaps I will get a few movie recommendations – and a few to avoid.

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