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Dog-walks these days are becoming a bit dangerous. It’s that time of year again when our morning strolls are done in the dark. Last week during a morning stroll Harper fell off the ledge of the platform that crosses the water wash area on the way home. We have walked this route countless times; this was the first time she has fallen off it. Her eyes are getting cloudy so I daresay her vision is not so good and the dark doesn’t help, even with the flashlight on. I frightened, but she got right up and no damage seemed to have happened. It was as close call; the ‘gully walk’ is now reserved for in the daytime.

Sticking to the sidewalks has its own hazards. This morning we were walking south on the sidewalk on 44th street, when out of the dark appeared two coyotes running north up the middle of the road. They disappeared into the dark after they crossed the area lit by the lamplight. I don’t think they saw us (Harper was busy sniffing a shrub). Alas, I cannot wait for the sun to rise to delay our morning ablutions; we must be mindful.

The evening strolls are also done in the dark, but they are less worrisome. Some of the homes in the area have already substituted their usual white/yellow outsight lights for orange. Some places already have their Halloween lawn decorations up. The trimmings give our PM walks some extra light and a bit of merriment as well.

Yesterday Sunday Someone joined us for a stroll. Harper loves her Someone! When he comes along she lights up so. We went to the park, a place we haven’t visited in ages (we went in the bright morning light). The walk lasted thirty minutes, twice as long as usual. She was quite happy to feel some grass under her paws. Afterwards we came home she slept the whole day, apparently quite fatigued from it all. Sometimes she sleeps looking like she is having bad dreams, but yesterday she looked happy. It’s a dog’s life.

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