What’s top of my mind: Two work-related matters. The Overlords recently sent an email asking their newly-acquired minions (hey, that’s us!) to fill out forms of a vague but menacing nature. Rationalists in the clinic believe this is based on the need of the suzerain to have a uniform set of files for all its underlings. The Less-than-rationalists are freaking out that they will be found deficit and told to get out. I know this as some of the therapists where I work don’t use ‘reply to email’ but use the ‘reply to all’ option. Oh the pain. I saw these wiz back and forth all day long. It is not clear if Urs Truly being the big-bad-doctor needs to do his own set of forms.

The other matter: trying to combine the electronic health record (EHR) with the controlled substance prescription monitoring program (CSPMP) into one item, so when I open a patient’s chart I can see their prescription-filling history without having to open up another window. Making this happen resembles two 16th century sovereign states negotiating a marriage from far-apart lands. Both these matters may take weeks to sort through.

Where I’ve been: To the opera. On Saturday I joined my gal-pal Margie (Someone was working) for the first ‘Live from the Met-HD’ opera of the 2021-2022 season. Last year’s season was canceled due to covid19. After a long hiatus it felt strange being back in a movie theatre. Margie and I kept our masks on. It is fun going to the opera with Margie as she is a dilettante; they are all new for her. It resembles having a small child at Christmas time; her delight makes these chestnuts exciting again. The opera was “Boris Godunov”; it ended badly. I think the next one is “Rigoletto”, which also ends badly. Margie needs to choose some comic ones lest we become depressed in A-minor.

Where I’m going: The state fair. Someone through his work got two tickets for the Arizona State Fair, which happens in October, as it is then cool enough to do so. I cannot remember when I last went to one. I suppose I am too old to ride the rides and eating fried anything is to be avoided. All the same, I want to see the sights. I will feel like Margaret Mead among the Bantus, observing tribal behavior. It makes me think of The Firesign Theater: “Welcome to the future! A fair to all and no fair to anyone!” Do you ever go to your state’s fair?

What I’m watching: Hexen. Every October I watch the 1922 film ‘Hexen’. It is a silent movie with Swedish (Danish?) subtitles, an ersatz documentary about the history of witches in medieval times. It is fascinating. The lurid scenes of the witches’ sabbath makes me wonder how it got passed the censors.

What I’m reading: Articles on hyperinsulinemia. Being told I am pre-diabetic and something about this or get another prescription (oh the horror!), I am reading up on type II diabetes and insulin resistance. It is another example of ‘everything you know is wrong” viz. what I learned thirty years ago in endocrinology isn’t true anymore. Type II diabetes is not about too much glucose but about too much insulin running around, causing all sorts of metabolic havoc, the end result showing up as an elevated glucose in lab work. The goal: lower my insulin level and the improve the organs’ sensitivity to it. I am at the point where sensible/commonsense approaches may work; the prognosis is good – provided I am a good boy and do the right thing.

What I’m listening to: “Come little children”. I am up to my oxters in Hallowe’en tunes. A podcast recently discussed what constitutes a proper Hallowe’en song. I like the haunting witchy tune ‘Come little children’ from “Hocus Pocus”. “The Hound and the Fox” group does a splendid job with it:

What I’m eating: Not much. It hasn’t been easy, avoiding frequent meals, carbohydrates, and Hallowe’en treats – anything that makes life worth living. I’ve reached that stage when eating anything nice makes me feel bad. Food isn’t a pleasure but a risk analysis. There is a part of me that wants to cancel next month’s holiday to Palm Springs on the grounds my eating and drinking restrictions will spoil it. 😦

Who needs a good slap: Liberty Mutual. The Tube of Yous continually interrupts my viewings with commercials. I admit this is fair, as I ain’t paying for it. However, the commercials are often the same ones, shown over and over. At the moment Liberty Mutual ads reign supreme, with its tedious yellow-clad 70s-looking man with emus for unclear reasons. If familiarity leads to sales this is backfiring with me. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury now than use Liberty Mutual.
I give Liberty Mutual commercials two slaps (out of five).

What I’m planning: A visit to the optician. Quoting Owl (who was wise): “Hare, you must go in search of the optician”. It has been years since I last saw one. My vision is becoming quite near-sighted. In contrast, Someone is far-sighted. When we sit down at computer, he puts on his spectacles while I take them off. Whatever prescription I have now must be quite outdated. By the way, the 20/20 line on the eye chart is DEFPOTEC. I memorized this and this knowledge allowed me to dodge getting glasses for a decade.

What’s making me smile: My new mug. There are a few unofficial rules at La Casa de Spo. ‘No more mugs!’ and ‘no more Hallowe’en stuff!” are two of them. The Cup Sprites say pish-posh to that nonsense. They wrote Mr. Bezos who sent me a longtime much-coveted pumpkin mug. Its smile makes me smile.