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After Halloween 2020 I put away the masks I made, on the possibility I may need them in 2021. Alas, it is so. I got them out and translated them from ‘tie-ons’ to more trendy over-the-ears mode:

The iron ‘has had the course”, as Father Spo likes to say when something is falling apart. There seems to be a short in the plug. If it is just so, the light comes back on and I can iron until it dies again. It seems I am perpetually ironing things: shirts, trousers, dinner napkins, and sewing projects. We don’t bother any more putting the board away but have it up in the living room. Back when the TV was working, while we watched Dr. Who I would iron. Someone can actually sit while watching television but I need to be doing something and there is the laundry sitting there, high as Fafner’s hoard. Now the TV and the iron have had the course but the laundry keeps a-going.

Today I make an apple bundt cake from the recipe book Debbie (the dear!) sent me. I have never made an apple bundt cake. When I lived in Chicago every autumn I would go apple picking and try to make a pie but they were always flops. I hope the cake works. The recipe calls for ‘tart apples”. I will use Granny Smiths. I am bringing all my October goodies to the office, where they seem appreciated of my industry.

I believe there are three pharm rep lunches this upcoming week. One of them is very eager to get me to prescribe her company’s medication, so she will bring in a very good luncheon, no rubbish. Nearly all the pharm reps who visit me are female, and they are charming and good looking. I suspect the pharmaceutical barons pick the pretty ones on the probable grounds the male doctors are more likely to bedazzled. So much for their judgment.

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