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Note: this entry makes no sense and has no point. I started writing only to come to a complete dead end with it. It is a horse that won’t run. I thought to toss it but I am under pressure to put out. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is breathing down my neck to ‘keep up the momentum’ as it were. I posted it on the grounds a bad entry is better than no entry, at least from a contractual obligation point of view. Spo 😦

Tuesday is the nadir day of the week when it comes to inspiration for writing. The Muses et. al. are at their prime W-F while The Skanks like Saturday (no surprise), with The Furies and The Graces alternating every other week for Sunday Spo-bits and Monday Matters. This leaves The Norns to do Tuesdays, and they aren’t known for their jolly notions. Erda, the green-faced torso Earth Mother, occasionally rises up figuratively from the ground into my consciousness, not to give inspiration, but a warning, along the line to knock it off and quit with the shenanigans. When in doubt, don’t. Sensible woman, but not helpful for composition.

This is Erda. Please don’t feed her buns and things.

I am afraid I have to disappoint the Spo-fans: there is no performance of ‘The red shoes’ today. For thems rising to a ruckus resembling an orchestra of scorched cats, I say come stick pins tomorrow, I’ll be more responsive.

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