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Sunday night our flight was delayed that we got home very late and more or less went straight to bed. I will go to work early, being still on Eastern time, but glad to do so, for there is work to be done. There is nothing like taking two days off to make a pile of charts, calls, and forms all wanting done ASAP. After work I need to get pick up the dog and do the weekend laundry. Halloween is less than a week away and I haven’t purchased pumpkins nor put up the decorations. There is work to be done indeed.

Whenever one feels the emotion of being overwhelmed it is the brain telling us we are trying to think and do of everything at once. For all our desire to multi-task, we are lousy at doing so. It is best to take things one step at a time. The mentioned paperwork will get done eventually (it always does). On the way home from work today I can stop by Uncle Albertsons to pick up some pumpkins; they have heaps. As for the decorations, they can go up piecemeal this week and I have all Saturday to do things. So there.

Letting go of need to be in control is lovely feeling of liberation; it is a pity more people don’t do it more often. I have lots of patients with ‘control issues’. Despite their vow, they seldom if ever feel in control. Rather they have a desperate chronic sense their worlds will fall apart if they don’t do something about it ASAP. Normally I feel exhausted after interacting with them. My advice to ‘let go’ is usually received with horror as if I am proposing they run naked down the road at noon time.

Worse case scenario: the mentioned work will require delaying all other activities like gym time and putting up outside lights is delayed until Saturday. Holidays should be fun not frantic endeavors. This may include neglecting my blog reads for a while. I trust none of them will bar me for lack of attendance. So the worse case scenario is hardly bad, just irksome – and not bad at al if I take the ‘let it go” approach.

That’s all I have for this Monday. Chances are there will be no Tuesday post. Wednesday Ws should be good; tune in then for what shenanigans ensue.

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