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Patience above there is work to be done!

It seems the seasonal goblins have been working against me this month to get the decorations up and running. Every time I want to work on them something comes up to mar the mission. There is a part of me that thinks ‘why bother now’ as it would all go up and down in a single day. I will do it though, as I am tired of the mundane always sucking up my time and energy, leaving me with no libido left to do anything else. Happily, I have all day today to do things. First, it is off to the grocery store to get the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner and to get us some pumpkins. I have never bought this late. I hope Uncle Albertsons has some left. I suspect there will be some on the principle I whenever I worry about this sort of thing it never happens. Later I will hang plastic pumpkins and cauldrons in the ocotillo as is my wont. Succulents have the advantage they come with hooks already in place.

I am in need of a haircut, but time is of the essence this weekend. I will get Someone to do me a buzz cut. My hair is at the point it looks the same whether done by a stylist or run over by a lawn mower. With a home-job it is done in a few minutes and I save the planet by not driving. If it looks bad, well, it is Hallowe’en isn’t it.

the one (and only) time I was sans hair and whisker at Halloween. Oh the horror.

After the pumpkins and skeletons are all in place, I will do some preliminary cooking for tomorrow’s dinner. This way it can all be more or less just heated up tomorrow evening when I am busy giving out stale Tootsie-rolls to the rugrats.* At twilight I will release the kraken as it were to go put up in the bushes the strands of orange, green, and purple lights I bought last year in an after-holiday clearance sale. The neighbors across the street to not like us; every year they have a driveway party which includes the houses on either side of them but not us. My decoration is partially to out-shine/out-do theirs. I am also known for the best candy on the block. Having the front yard outshine theirs is a mild satisfaction for being uninvited.**

While I wait for The Great Pumpkin to rise from the pumpkin patch and deliver me gummi bears and bottles of Glen Scotia, I want to get caught up reading my blogs. It’s been a week or more since I had time to read them properly. I hope everyone is well. I hate to think I’ve missed anything.

*This is an expression my father used to say. Let it be on record Urs Truly doesn’t give out Tootsie-rolls (stale or otherwise) ever. Oh the horror.

**Even if they were to ask me (fat chance) I wouldn’t want to go. As Geoffrey Duke of Brittney said: “It’s not the power I feel deprived of, it’s the mention I miss”.

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