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Happy Hallowe’en to Spo-fans far and near, straight and queer!

I will spend this day attending to last-minute decorations and fretting over do I have enough candy for the beggars (as Father calls the trick-or-treaters). I have enough candy for 60 beggars. All Hallow’s Eve this year falls on a Sunday. This usually means less beggars than usual as the pseudo-pious object to such shenanigans on a Sunday. However 2020 was marred by covid-concerns. I wonder if there will be any rebound. I hope so! Let’s see how many show. This year’s “A” candy are Chuckles:

For those not familiar with this sort of sweet, they are rectangular chews tasting like Jelly Babies without the Tom Baker additive. Chuckles must be ate in the proper order: you first pull out the middle ‘licorice’ one and eat it first to get it over with. The lemon, lime, and orange ones are next, eating in whatever order suits your people. The red one (I think it is cherry) is the ‘dessert’ Chuckle and must be ate last. Do not dare to question this.

The “B” candy (for ill-mannered children, thems without costumes, and teens) aren’t too bad this year: full-size bags of M&Ms. I think these sort of boring but the kids like them and getting a proper-sized bag is appreciated over those wretched little ‘fun size’ parcels.

The “C” candy is funs-sized bits but they are in plastic black cauldrons tied with purple and orange ribbons. I think little kids will like them, and the candy inside isn’t too large.

This morning I will carve the pumpkins and toast the seeds. I have three pumpkins. One of my carvings must be ‘scary’ to drive off the evil spirits; another must be whimsical to assure the youngsters. I also like doing a silhouette style pumpkin. Probably a ghost.

I always fret about the dinner; it never comes out the way I planned it. The skull cakes I made are a bit short of sugar for I ran out. I tried to make up with some eye of newt. There is no sugar to make a glaze or frosting, so I may take some grapefruit jelly I made last year and color it red and voila! instant bloody sauce.

After dinner I read the tarot reads of the Spo-fans who asked for such . Someone likes to do the ‘last dip in the pool’ on Hallowe’en night. Sometimes I join him. The shriek from the shock is passed off as a Hallowe’en sound-effect.

It’s been a fun month. Doing all this nonsense gives me something to look forward to and helps keep off the “SAD”. Alas, as always work and such got in the way of all I wanted to do. This happens every year. There will be other Octobers.

Boo !

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