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Today is All Saints Day. One aspect about the solemnity is all in Heaven communicate with each other and they all communicate with the living; a simple prayer connects to everyone else. This is the ultimate network, a celestial Facebook or Twitter, done proper, minus all the complaining.* I recently wrote about this viz. everything and everyone is connected to everything else. There is a hymn “Litany of the Saints” where we evoke all the saints to intervene for us. It is quite comforting and scary at the same time.

After last month’s revelry I am looking forward to a quiet November. Back in the Midwest the month of November was a permanent gray sky and all the trees were a dull brown. It wasn’t a sad time but one one anticipation of the holidays. We haven’t discussed it yet but I think we won’t have Thanksgiving, again. Someone probably will work that day, and we both should lose some weight, so why bother doing all that cooking for two? I am making November a ‘no-sugar’ month and not a decoration goes up until December.

I’ve turned over the face calendar this morning to see that our week in Palm Springs is next week! Normally I start looking forward to such shenanigans weeks in advance, planning all I want to do/see and what needs packing. The Fates or someone like them seems to have set up a more impromptu holiday to do. Works for me.

However that is a week away. Meanwhile there is work to be done. The pressures in the tires on the Elantra are quite low and it needs a tune up, so off to the mechanic it goes after work. I need to take down all the Halloween trimmings and figure out what to bring to California. I suspect this year there won’t be too much dissolute living but laid-back ‘spa’ activities like cards, board games, gossip, and napping whenever possible. When in doubt, get horizontal.

That’s all the news this All Saints Day morning. I am glad to be in communication with all of you. The blogging community (writes and readers) make a ersatz collection of saints. I don’t feel saintly but I am keen to strive to such. This lofty goal should be postponed until after Palm Springs; one never knows what will happen there.

*C.S. Lewis of “The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe’ fame wrote the book “The great divorce”, a metaphorical journey to Hell. In Hell, no one is in communication with anyone else. Indeed, the great villains of history have placed themselves as far apart from each other as possible. Curious how being in touch with others is Heaven but in Hell you want no company. This is the direct opposite to Satre’s “No exit” where hell is other people.

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