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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections prefers I don’t write entries when I’m cross. They say it is makes for bad click-bait and it makes them look bad. On the other hand, bellowing back at these boisterous bezerkers is language they understand and it is cathartic. Of all their truculence they are at heart pussycats, and they become quite timorous when I’m being mardy. So they let me write this without much editing. Spo.

This week I feel worn thin, like a pat of butter being spread over too much bread. One of the downsides of last weekend’s holiday is it takes a lot of time and energy to put everything up and then take it all down. My nights are consumed with gathering up the ghosts and ghoulies into the dining room prior to packing it all away. Every night I think I may get a break with some ‘down time’ and then something gets in the way. This week there was a matter with the car matter and today two tires needed care. There were gobs of patient phone calls. Last night Someone announced we had theatre tickets for tomorrow evening. I put my foot down to say I won’t go as it will be time consuming to get there and I am likely to fall instantly asleep as soon as the curtain rises. I am staying home to continue packing away the Halloween things, advance the laundry, and start packing for the trip lest that becomes a Friday all night endeavor.

The common denominator to my catalog of complaints is the sense my time is being taken from me. Nothing creeps up my neck like a hot hand more than the sense of I am being deprived of rightful time. When I have a quiet time to do something I want and suddenly something unexpectedly shows I go into a snit. I am wise enough to know and remember there is no real possession to Time. The obstacle is the way, not the impediment.

It looks like I am going to have to do some work while on holiday. I suspect Someone will do likewise. Just once in my life I would like a proper vacation where I don’t work at all and work isn’t in touch with me daily to do things.

Of course it doesn’t help this week I’ve ate lousy and took no exercise. It is just not humanely possible to do all I want and should do. As is often (always?) the case, the week prior to a holiday is jam-packed with non-stop work. It’s like a wicked fairy laid a curse, for it has always been so.

I remind myself the necessary things will get done and it is OK to let go of the less important matters to let them be undone.

I am rawther exhausted.

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