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I am not sure what time it is. Yesterday we drove from Arizona to California which sometimes are in different time zones and sometimes the same. Last night DST ended or started – I forget which – and now I don’t know what time it is. Arizona doesn’t do no stinkin DST so it is an alien concept to us. We don’t want more daylight; we have plenty enough as it is.

Regardless of the time, I am up apostrophizing the dawn. I rise every morning at 5AM out of habit. I am by the pool waiting for tea or something like it.

Last night we met our chums DougT and Leon the Larger, who flew in from Chicago. We ate at an Indian restaurant. As it is vacation time I did NOT avoid curried snacks. India have lovely beer although the sizes are rawther large:

Although it was Saturday night and the town was ablaze with activity, after dinner we sank like rocks and went promptly to bed. I had the ‘Good sleep’. The Good Sleep is defined as a sleep knowing the next morning you don’t have to wake at any particular time or do anything really. There is no drive, no schedule, no need really to wake at all. It is a lovely thing, The Good Sleep, and so rarely encountered. It must be what retirement feels like. The Good Sleep was slightly marred by the consequence of curried snacks. Oh the pain.

As I sit poolside I see folks rolling their luggage out, looking like they are on their way to home or otherwise. There is a changing of the guard and new folks will be rolling in soon. People come and go so quickly here.

This morning Someone and I hope to go to a local deli for breakfast. Shermans is the only place I know in The States where I can get kippers. We are not sure if it is open yet, either due to Covid or DST.

Meanwhile I wait for Godot or someone like him to bring out the continental breakfast things so I can have a much-needed cup. I may have to consume nasty coffee.

More later as things arise.

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