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Yikes! I almost forgot! Today is Wednesday !

What’s top of my mind: My room key.  As soon as I am handed the key to my room* I put on it a large attachment that is seen from afar perhaps even by satellite. All the room keys are on identical nondescript black squares and they are easily lost and confused with others (oh the embarrassment). My way, I can locate mine without too much trouble. This is no guarantee however, and where it is now is anyone’s guess. I hope to find it soon, as I want to get into my room to fetch the tea things.

Where is my key?

Where I’ve been: To the zoo.  Yesterday we went to a local ‘living desert’ combination botanical gardens/zoo/tourist trap to see the animals. I don’t remember much of it as I accidentally took my allergy pill at noon rather than night time. I was falling asleep whenever we paused to see the exhibits. Oh the embarrassment. 

Where I’m going:  Hiking. DougT found us a relatively easy hike (Leon the Larger doesn’t do stairs anymore). We will drive east this morning into the mountains and go for a 1-2 hour-long hike. One thing I forgot to pack is sunscreen but the place has plenty. 

Who needs a good slap: Nobody for once. Can you imagine? Here is Palm Springs Covid19 vaccination cards are enforced and if a place asks for yours and if you don’t have one they don’t serve you or at least not indoors. Not once have I seen someone bellow about this, complaining their constitutional rights are being violated. There is a rule people are following rather than dismissing because they don’t agree with it.

What I’m watching: Room #34.  The resort’s rooms all open up onto the common pool area. Sitting by poolside one can see people coming and going all day and night. There’s dirty doings going on in #34. Someone is up to no good, that’s certain. I am in charge of morale on this trip so I am watching for shenanigans.  

What I’m reading: Several books. When on holiday I like to read a bit of this book for awhile, then put it down to read some of another. I started three this week: “Tool for Titans, which is a collection of philosophical sayings. I also started a Ethan Morrden novel. For light reading I downloaded the latest book in the “Discworld” series: “Reaper man”. Jolly good fun! 

This is my childhood nickname !

What I’m listening to:  Others.  I have no time/desire this week to hear podcasts. Rather I hear the tales of the travelers, who they are and where they come from. They talk about what restaurants they’ve tried and vacation destinations they recommend, and who’s been in Room #34. 

What I’m eating: Lots. One of the joys of being on holiday is eating out. We’ve been going to our favorite places, which happily are still in business. We worried most about the family-owned Italian place located in a strip mall. Happy Joy! It is still operating but the place is ‘take-out only’ these days. This may be due to lack of staff to wait tables than covid19 matters.

Who I’m paying attention to: My skin. Between the sunshine and the pool/tub chemicals my skin is beginning to resemble that of Grandma Moses. I went to Ralph’s pretty good grocery to purchase some lotion. Patience above! There are so many to choose from it makes my eyes cross! Does anyone have any suggestions? 

What I’m planning: A card party. I brought along several games and I would like to play some. Other than that, there are no plans at all. I cannot remember a vacation with so lack a structure to it. It feels quite nice not to have an itinerary.  It feels like a proper vacation this way.

With that said, I plan today or tomorrow afternoon to I catch up on blogs. I miss you guys. Really. I hope all is well in your world.

What’s making me smile:  Tiki drinks: Zombies, Mai Tais, and Scorpions – oh my!. It was March 2020 when I made a study of the history of Tiki drinks, which I planned trying some when we went to Palm Springs that month. Covid19 shut all that down. It is November 2021; last night or so we finally got to The Tonga Lounge and had these legendary drinks. They tasted like a victory.  🙂

*Room #46, which is in the back. Not my first choice to be there but it was the only one available. I remember it as it is age when I am in Palm Springs.

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