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Someone suggested I write ‘the truth for once”, but for the sake of entertainment I have allowed myself one or two small evocations.

Patience above!

Thursday (which is today I am told) my traveling companions declared is a day for ‘lying about the pool”.* I am all for such endeavors especially if this means no hiking today. We did a lot of that yesterday and I am rawther exhausted. We are presently around a table, waiting for breakfast which is continental and a bit late. Someone, The Other Michael, and DougT are playing and chattering about a game on their phones called “Spelling bee” from the New York Times. Then there is Urs Truly typing quietly like the eye of a hurricane.

Todays’ sordid agenda is a combination of books, puzzles, and dips in the cement pond. This is what happens when you allow queer-folk to marry; dissolute living of the worse sort ensues. Rumor has it the day shall be a hot one, so apply sunscreen and afterwards lovely lotions, which Spo-fans (the dears!) suggested yesterday. Lugging the laptop about the pool is a bit hazardous as spills and drops are likely, especially if ones hands are Neutrogena-covered.

Spo-fans seem intrigued by Room #34. Wicked old screws! I sense thems in the room have checked out. As the chief of police and moral exemplar, I will be on the look out today for which room may take its place as the new den of iniquity. You want that sort of stuff you go to Old Sands down the road.

As is the case at breakfast, the knights of the round table are wondering where to go for lunch. One proposal is Bongo Johnnies, which moved locations since were we were here last. It is diner-joint, good for burgers and club sandwiches, that sort of thing. Several of us did a double take the other day while driving there is a Shakey’s Pizza joint. I have never heard of this haute cuisine eatery butt thems in the car are waxing nostalgia for such and want to go and revisit their youth as it were. Neither place sounds ‘good nutrition’ but this is dismissed as ‘we are on holiday and we can eat what we like”. Tonight’s dinner is TBA. No doubt we will negotiate such at lunch, over our sandwiches or our pizzas.

While writing this dribble, the staff-men (who are well over four feet) have put out the morning spread of buns and things, and my three table-fellows have completed today’s Spelling Bee. I don’t know who ‘won’, if there is a winner. DougT left to find Leon the Larger, who sensibly slept in. The sun, now up, is already quite warm.

If there is anything worthwhile to post, I will take notes and report on such tomorrow.

*DougT, sitting on my left, exclaimed the pool is ten feet deep and that’s a lie about the pool”.

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