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Today’s entry isn’t too brilliant as I am somewhat under a cloud this morning. One contribution to my stuporous state is I haven’t had my tea. The other: Zyrtec or something like it was taken last night a tad later than scheduled. The main reason probably is I had a few libations last night, mostly Tiki drinks, served with bits of pineapple and fro-fro umbrellas.* I am not exactly hungover as feeling a bit of a zombie myself. We soon depart for breakfast, where I hope caffeine and some hash browns will assist me back to the land of the living.

Today is our last day on holiday and there is debate what to do about it. Half of me wants to review my list of ‘things to do’ and get them accomplished. The other half of me wants to simply lie in a lounge chair like a beached whale until supper time. I suspect both side will have some sort of compromise. If the great decision of the day is whether to get up or sit still this sounds lovely.

One ‘to do’ item is buying an inexpensive styrofoam container to schlepp home the unconsumed groceries we bought this week. The 4-5 hour drive home through the desert with sliced cheese and cold cuts would fare better if they were kept on ice. The theory was to buy things on Monday to make oh-so-practical sandwiches by poolside and we ended up eating at cafes on Palm Canyon Drive. This is poor planning indeed but in the end much more fun.

The great philosophical decision of the day is whether or not to return to The Shag Store and buy these splendid glasses. I certainly don’t ‘need’ them; we have lots of glassware already and I don’t need more. I could wish Santa Claus brings me them at Christmastime but the jolly old elf cannot be relied upon anymore and to be frank I haven’t been particularly good this year. So, if I am to have them, I have go buy them myself. Their Siren-song is calling me from downtown even as I write this.

Spo-fans are invited to leave in the comments why leaving town without them would be unwise/why I deserve them/they are a must-buy-or-perish item.

*Auntie Mame says pineapple chunks and such take up too much room in such as small glass.

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