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By the time this entry is posted, Someone and I will be easing on down the road, whizzing our way back to The Land of Perpetual Sunshine. It was a good trip.

Highlight of the week: seven days of no sense of urgency to do anything. Indeed, this was written Saturday night and I am lounging in my room rather than whooping it up in town, because this is want I want to do. 

Low point of the week: Patience above! I feel I’ve gained 5-10lb eating all what I did. The food was fabulous but not as all what I am supposed to be eating. Today I return to more austere living and diet. 

What could have been better: the room. This one is somewhat petty. Our room #46 is smaller than we are used to having and the AC ran frigid with a funny high-pitched noise. I wanted to sleep with the door ajar, but Someone feared this would be misinterpreted as an invitation for others to drop in for conversation or something at 3AM.  Because of the temperature, I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped. I look forward to sleeping in my own bed this evening, with my dog.

Surprise of the week: The room had a bidet. I have never used one before. I will spare you the details, other than to say the first trials to operate it made quite the mess of things. We agreed this is sort of contraption is worthwhile to install at home.  Do you have one?

An unexpected encounter: when staying at a joint like this, you run into many folks with whom you have pleasant chit-chat and social intercourse but then they leave and that is the end of that. Once in a while one meets one or two fellows with whom you click and these may in time develop into friendships. I met a couple from Texas who have potential to stay in touch and see what happens. It would be nice if it happens. 

Palm Springs reflections:  I was pleased as Punch to see many of my usual haunts still in operation. On the negative prices were quite high for everything. We could have saved money by eating out less and at less expensive places.  I was sad to see many places downtown are vacant and the city is full up with homeless folks. 

Biggest disappointment:  Sherman’s discontinued serving kippers for breakfast. 

Biggest relief: last Thursday our car died. Someone called AAA, who responded within twenty minutes. A nice young man diagnosed the problem: dead battery, and sold us a new one.  It wasa relief it wasn’t something worse.

Note to self for future trips

Pack fewer games.

Pack heavier clothing.

Bring a cooler.

Avoid curried snacks.

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