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We had a car matter yesterday, resulting in me driving Someone to work. While he was doing his morning ablutions I went out to Uncle Albertsons to do the Thanksgiving Day shopping. I was having some worry there wouldn’t be much left, given the hearsay tales of shortages. My worries were for naught. He had heaps. I bought a turkey breast. There were bags of brussels, just enough for two servings. There wasn’t any pasta for turkey noodle soup – the shelves were empty – but there are heaps at home. After I dropped Someone off at his job, I stopped by the gym. There, I sprained my back – again. Oh the pain. Today I am walking around like Groucho Marx. I should go driving again today, as the Elantra has a heater in the seat that hits the lower back. I never use it but for these times. Yesterday was a queer one, for I more or less slept all day, only waking when the phone rang. In between naps I ironed countless shirts. I lead a dull life. At least the shirts are done. Temporarily.

A Spo-fan recently wrote to ask if The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is a collection of archetypes in the Jungian model of Ego and Complexes, something I have written about in the past. Patience above! I haven’t actually thought of this before. This is worth an entry to explore if TBDHSR are an example of what’s called the ‘five band’ archetype/trope. Stay tuned.

Will (the dear!) educated me today is “Stir up Sunday”. It is a figurative stirring, of hope, prior to Advent. The onset of Advent does not elicit hope in me as much as anxiety, along the line of hells-bells! Christmas is coming! I need to get cracking! It is also a literal stir of the Christmas pudding. I like me a pudding, but I won’t have one this year. Someone doesn’t care for such, and making a Christmas pudding for one person (me is a lot of work. In addition, I should not be eating that sort of stuff anyway.

It looks to be a relatively quiet Sunday. There’s work to be done such as the floors, which are quite nasty, but my back may prohibit this and all activities. Someone is working again today but we got the car matter fixed so he can have the car. I will be ‘home alone’ sans vehicle (that means without) spending the day drinking salubrious cups of tea. This probably won’t help my stiff backside, but it doesn’t do any harm. I will do some reading, including blogs, and explore that question about the Board members. I hope they cooperate. They are highly suspicious of talk therapy in any form preferring catharsis to sublimation of their hang ups.

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