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The only downside of a four-day holiday is the days get blurred. Friday felt like a Saturday and yesterday felt like a Sunday. Today is proper Sunday. I know this because I backup the laptop on Sundays and I write Sunday Spo-bits.

Father and my various brothers are pleased as Punch our alma mater beat at football the-school-that-shan’t-be-named. Father pointed out it’s nice to have this every 15 years as a treat. The win made me smile too for the neighbor down the street always puts out a large silver and red “O” flag on this weekend so I can see it. He hasn’t taken it down. Perhaps he’s going to claim the game was stolen like the Maricopa County presidential election and demand a recount. 

Speaking of the neighbors, Harper and I witnessed on our walks many are already putting up their outside Christmas decorations. There is a synagogue near our place; every Saturday the sidewalks are full of men dressed in black trousers and black hats and white shirts, leading their children to service. It was a somewhat macabre spectacle to see them walking past the goyim putting up inflatable Santas and such. It is yet to be determined if La Casa de Spo will be decked with luminarias and lights. Most years we don’t, as we don’t have time. I think the neighbors think we are Jewish for this reason.*

Another sign of the season comes from the house on the corner, the one with the lemon tree in its backyard. The tree has already begun to drop large ripe lemons onto the public sidewalk. On our strolls, Harper and I have scooped up a few to bring home. I plan to drink local lemon in my water for awhile.  On the Tube of Yous, there are videos lauding lemon water as doing all sort of things like cleansing fatty liver and improving the complexion. There are also a few videos saying this is all rubbish. I happen to like lemon in my water (not in my tea) so if this helps me keep hydrated, so be it. I know that’s good for my health. 

I did some cooking this weekend, trying to come up with clever ways to use leftover turkey. I made stone soup, using what foodstuffs were at hand. It turned out OK. I also have heaps. Most of it went into the freezer. This time I had the sense to label the containers. I also tried cooking an onion in the oven, having seen this also on The Tube of Yous. It serves as a substitute for baked potatoes, something I should be avoiding. My first attempt turned out so-so; next time I try this I need to leave the onion in longer or use smaller onions. 

So that’s all the Spo-bits that’s fit to print. Tune in this week for more regular entries and that matter about the Krampus ornament that I found. 

*Either that, or we are liberal tree-hugging commie-atheists who want their children to get vaccines and sing the national anthem in Spanish. And from Ann Arbor, MI too!

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