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What’s top of my mind: Crayola crayons. Some nostalgic demon has possessed me to reflect often on a box of crayons. I suppose it is the collection of colors that attracts me. I haven’t had a box of crayons since I was ten years old. Perhaps Santa or someone like him will bring me a box at Christmas.

Where I’ve been: The hot tub. ‘Tis the season hohoho to use it, now that is cold enough outside to make it worthwhile. I like to sit in it and look at the stars. The other day Someone and I took the top off to hold an inspection. It seemed OK and we got in. Alas, Babylon! When the bubbles came on, it was so heavily chlorinated we were literally asphyxiating on the fumes. The chemicals need adjusting to allow one to sit in it while breathing.

Where I’m going: Goodwill. Speaking of possessions, I’ve been also channeling my paternal grandmother who could not abide ‘dust collectors’. The office and the home need purging. I have a sack of a size worthy of The Grinch; I plan to climb Mt. Crumpit in order to dump it – at Goodwill. I hope they haven’t grown picky with their acceptances. I have heaps.

What I’m watching: Sabine Hossenfelder . I recently discovered her marvelous lecture series on The Tube of Yous. She’s a scientist who presents entertaining and informative lectures on physics and astronomy. She does this using a no-nonsense approach, while with a dead-pan look that is hilarious. One of my favorites is titled: Flat earth ‘science”: wrong, but not stupid.

What I’m reading: “Hero of two worlds” by Mike Duncan. Mr. Duncan has an excellent history podcast called “Revolutions”. He recently wrote a biography on Lafayette, a French fellow whom I don’t know much about. I’m only a few chapters into the book and it is a delight. Fine job, Mr. Duncan!

What I’m listening to: “Messiah” by Handel. I tend to listen to ‘Christmas music’ as certain times of the season. Mr. Handel’s oratorio is one I like to hear ‘early on’, as a sort of prelude to the rest of the season’s music. I’ve heard it so many times I could sing it myself. By the way, I dislike “sing along Messiah concerts’ as I always seem to sit next to someone who sings loudly off-key and be completely unaware of it. Oh the pain.

What I’m eating: Thanksgiving leftovers. Still. They never seem to end. We are almost through the turkey soup. Someone plans on making one of his delicious pot pies with what’s left. I love them so; I eat them with relish.

Who needs a good slap: Myself. This week realized I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for Monday. Not only did I forget the appointment, I forgot to arrange for time off. It is not nice now to tell staff to clear out my Monday afternoon scheduled so I can attend it. I will call and reschedule for a later date. How many times now have I vowed whenever I make an appointment to immediately put in a request at work for the time off, to give the clerical staff time to arrange so.

I give myself on a 1-5 scale four slaps.

What I’m planning: Nothing. Usually ‘what’s making me smile” is the stumper; this week is is ‘what I’m planning”. I can’t think of anything. There are no parties or get-togethers arranged. I suppose I am beginning to think about what to have for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; this gives me something to look forward to at least. By realizing I have nothing planned otherwise, it spurs me to come up with something. I will keep you posted.

What’s making me smile: Emails from the bell choir. Back in Michigan, before I moved to Arizona, I was a member of the bell choir at my church in Ann Arbor. I enjoyed this, especially the comradery. Ginny, the intrepid choir captain, continues to include me on all her emails she sends out to the members. I get to read about the rehearsal times and the members’ activities. It feels nice to have this connection, even though I haven’t been an active member since 2005. I hope someday to return this church and hear the choice and see Ginny before this correspondence turns into a ’84 Charing Cross Road’ scenario.

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