While doing the ironing and listening to a podcast I realized I was smiling to myself. I paused and gathered my thoughts on the experience. I stopped everything to write the following:

It’s Saturday morning and I am running about doing Saturday morning tasks. I’ve packed the weekly pill boxes (as is my wont); the laundry is advancing and the dishes are too. I have a handful of ‘there’s work to be done’ chores to do today. Do not mistake this for a compliant. I have a day off and this industry is providing much satisfaction. Later today Someone and I go to the ‘Live from the Met’ opera (I forget which one). Harper and I had a good dog-walk this morning and when we returned there was a package on the doorstep.  Lo! St. Nicholas or someone like him delivered a Christmas prize! In the package was a box of colored pencils and a coloring book! I was pleased as Punch. As Noel Coward says: I couldn’t have liked it more. 

One of our tragedies is we so rarely notice when we are happy. I try to be conscious of this when I am busy or engrossed in something, for it is so easy to not recognize happiness in the ordinary daily doings. It is good to stop to acknowledge its presence.  In the middle of a game or a gathering I will say: 

“If this isn’t nice, what is?”

I invite Spo-fans today to pause when they are feeling any happiness, and say to themselves or outlaid to others something likewise. 

Try doing this on a daily basis, why dontcha. 

Please leave in the comments something that is making you happy.