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First of all I want to thank everybody who wished me warm greetings in my last entry; you are dears, everyone of you. If I could I would buy you buns and things – no rubbish.

Yesterday I wrote a lofty reflection on Time, but The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections vetoed its publication. They are not keen on arbitrary divisions in Time, going by seasonal signals rather than agreed-upon things made-up measurements like months, years, and daily planners. They think if we were less Time-obsessed we would actually have more of it and be less nervous wrecks about it. They have a point.

With that said I am taking my time slowly taking down the Christmas trimmings. I am determined to put them away in some sort of logical order so my future self will have less of a problem finding things. I plan on slowly unwinding the half-defunct lights from the branches of the artificial tree. This may take weeks. This November I hope to buy new ones, preferably multi-colored (the old ones were white). Does any one have the strands in which you screw in red, orange, blue and green bulbs? We had these in my youth. I remember they got rawther hot but they were pretty. I would become captious with my brothers as they mindlessly screwed in bulbs of the same color too close to each other. Later after the tree was up I would ‘correct’ any poorly hung ornaments and rearrange the light bulbs. The ‘signs’ do come early in hindsight, do they not?

My niece, Princess-Goddess, not only sent me a small prize at Christmas, she also wrote a letter – by hand!. This was better than all the Christmas presents combined. A handwritten letter! Her grandmother, my late Mother, would be pleased as Punch to know she did this. Mother would make us boy sit down on 26 December and write our thank you notes. I still do so. I consider thank you notes the epitome of good manners.

Speaking of Christmas prizes, Someone gave me some Derek Rose boxer-style undergarments, my favorite. Thus, The Yule Cat was thwarted. They are bloody expensive but so well made they last a decade.

And speaking of decades, on Facebook folks were doing a 2011 – 2021 ‘ten year challenge’ photos:

It is nice to see I still have my hair albeit more grizzled, but the “Spo-bags’ under the eyelids alas remain as well. By the way, I still have that yellow T-shirt. Oh the horror.

The temperatures here in Phoenix have dropped to near freezing in the morning, which means the garage door doesn’t open. We have to open it by hand, and get out of the car to close it. It is an annual nuisance that happens every January. I would get a new one but there are more pressing house matters to address, like the dishwasher which is again being difficult. Today I start my list of “House Repairs” to figure out which gets our first attention.

There isn’t anything planned in January, which stems from growing up in Michigan when January was one dark cold month not worth doing anything. If I could I would hibernate the month away. In a sense we do, as Someone and I both start looking at the clock at 8PM and wonder about retiring.

Please tell me in the comments:

A. if you have any plans for January.

B. did you get any clothes at Christmas.

C. what sort of lights are on your Christmas tree.

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