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I want to thank everyone who wrote support and empathy in yesterday’s comments. I also thank everyone for the tips. You are dears, all of you. Someone and I sit down Sunday to go over the situation and figure things out. Since I last wrote, some updates have occurred that bring optimism. On Friday afternoon I had a sit-down with The Boss who was quite generous in support and with ideas to help. She’s in contact with her boss at The Overlords to see if she has leverage with their HR. The Boss disclosed I am going to get a ‘substantial raise’ in salary this year. Now she’s back in the saddle, she is also arranging to give me a bonus cheque for 2021, as I got last year (she has been away for two weeks, so hadn’t forgotten this only delayed) Even if The Overlords remain implacable in their decision about enrollment, I will get that raise and bonus. She is also looking into the possibility giving me premiums that would have gone out this year to insurance to help me pay for insurance elsewhere. Sooner she’d eat rats in Tewkesbury than see me to leave. What really made me feel good though, more than these hopeful endeavors, was her genuine concern for my welfare.

At home there are means to improve our lot. A happy coincidence just happened: the car payments just ended, freeing up ~ 500$ per month. As the TV screen is kaput and we are not likely to get a new one Someone is looking to cancel some of the cable service, freeing up a few more hundreds of dollars per month. Every month we squirrel away a K for savings, this will stop. I won’t bother applying for the new 401K at work, so that money will be available. There are some nickel and dime savings to do as well: cancel the meal kits and cancel the charities and arts contributions.

Father, upon hearing my tale, immediately went into his role as ‘The Great Provider’ and is sending me money although I told him not to do so. The gesture comes to him as naturally as breathing. I should have kept my mouth shut, knowing he would do this. I do not like to lie to him, but I tell him the equivocation it all worked out and to stop this.*

Our medications – if paid out of pocket – are obscenely expensive. All these endeavors probably won’t cover them but it sure helps. I will meet with The Good Doctor (paying out of pocket) to talk about alternative medications.

So I have more hope than when I last wrote.

I woke this morning along with hope with some symptoms of a cold. My nose is running and my feet are smelling. Someone came home from work sounding awful both in the nose and in the chest, coughing up crud of dubious distinction. He regularly takes health tests where he works, so this appears to be a cold not covid. I wish the foolish man had stayed home today but he went into work again. I hope he doesn’t come home with ‘double pneumonia’ as folks like to call it.

I could solve both problems (coverage and cold) by converting to Christian Science. Rather than take meds I can read “The scientific statement of being” . As for this silly cold I think I have, I can just call it error, and unsee it. Unfortunately I tried, vigorously, and it refuses to unsee me. I will munch on some Hall’s cough drops (cherry). They don’t do any ‘good’ but they feel comforting to suck. And we have heaps, so it doesn’t dip into the Rx budget.

*Two of the brothers think I shouldn’t, as it gives Father ‘something to do’. All his life he has provided and he isn’t doing this anymore; he gets a good feeling back in his role, and it give him something to do. I see all of this, and it’s tempting, but no.

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