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“Enough drama” said The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections in yesterday’s email. “Write about something pleasant”. Before The Spo-fans get severe with them, the dears passed around a horned helmet and collected some Danegeld coins (and a dead rat) to help with my costs. They also offered me ‘medical assistance’ in the form of blood-letting whenever I needed it, which is their answer to all ills. The dears.

I found money !

Yesterday I stopped on the dog-walk to pick up a penny. Like Sluggy, it gives me a thrill to find stray coins. I put them in the blue piggie-bank in the laundry room and once in awhile Someone packs the coins in paper cylinders that he brings to the bank. This can be up to 50$, depending on the proportions of the coins. I know many people poo-poo picking up pennies; they say they are not worth the pause, dip, and grab. I concur pennies are pretty much useless. I’ve heard many times they cost more to make than they are worth, and the U.S. Government loses 90 million dollars making these dreadful things.

I used to think it was thems in Illinois who were the culprits demanding that pennies continue, but it turns out it is the dastardly zinc industry that is to blame. Pennies are nearly 100% zinc with only a tiny bit of copper – the latter ore too expensive to waste on the manufacture of a one cent coin. I cannot imagine anyone in Congress brave enough proposing their cessation as the other political side would rise up in partisan to accuse the proposal as anti-American.

I believe most other countries sensibly stopped making such sometime ago. Paranoid as we are in The States, we would resemble an orchestra of scorched cats to see a two-cent round up in price as unacceptable, not considering any prices ending with ‘0.03’ or less would be rounded down, making everything even.

U.S citizens apparently like them enough not to demand this waste of money be addressed, but not enough to actually use them. Before I met Someone, I made a conscious effort to spend pennies so they wouldn’t follow me home. I suspect most of us have heaps at home in jars and such, unused and uncirculated.

All the same it is jolly good fun to exclaim “I found money!” when I find a penny, which is often. I sense people when given pennies don’t bother to pocket them. This brings me to the ‘give a penny/take a penny’ plastic dishes next to the cash registers at gas-station check-outs. This quaint mawkish help-your-fellow-man transaction would cease if everything was rounded up or down to a nickel. I would miss them, as I would miss picking up pennies from the sidewalk, but I would gladly do without either if millions of dollars are saved. Talk about penny wise/pound foolish.

Do you pick up pennies or let them lie?

Do you hoard pennies?

If you live outside the States, has your country gone to pot due to the lack of pennies?

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