Today Monday (and this week) is going to be a challenge, as an algorithm commences, one quite complicated with more alternative universes than Stephen Hawking could conjure. I doubt this is interesting to anyone but I wanted to write it out so I can keep clear what needs to be done.

My first step is to contact The Boss to tell me what she hears from her Boss at The Overlords. The best-case scenario I call “A”: they let me enroll, late, perhaps with a penalty, and the algorithm ends. If this is not so, (which is likely) I move done the “B” side, which starts with whining and begging to get my 2021 bonus right away, and the promised 2022 raise quickly in place. 

Regardless of the outcome, I need to call the speciality pharmacy today to transfer prescriptions to Fry’s Market, which seems to have the lowest prices of pay-out-of-pocket prescriptions. I need refills by this weekend; I cannot wait until insurance is sorted out. 

Someone is not wanting me to go ‘bare’ as it were. He made me an appointment with an insurance broker for Tuesday. This fellow helped him maneuver through the Medicare application last year. In the “B” situation, he may have some options, including Obamacare. That enrollment date ends 15 January, so I have only a few days to get it going if I go that route. He gave me the OK if the cost is obscene I can call it off. On the other hand, I may not have any option viz. uninsurable. The Good Broker will tell me. 

This week Father is sending me a Christmas cheque which (depending on its size) may cover some of my pay-out-of-pocket meds for January. I will use a credit card, thus delaying the payment until his cheque clears.

I canceled my upcoming Wednesday appointment with the nephrologist, as I have no insurance to pay of it. The Good Doctor will be cross, but there it is. This afternoon I have an appointment with The Good Dentist. I will go as it is too late to cancel.  I will pay for this out of pocket and I plan to decline anything above and beyond a tooth cleaning.  

Yesterday I sat down with Someone to go over our income and expenses. He pointed out I know all of this already, I just keep forgetting like that dimwit fish in “Nemo”.  This time I wrote it down.  We have some wiggle-room to cut costs. We can stop making payments towards savings and retirement, and start taking money out.  Someone’s Social Security starts in Feb or March, which hoists up the income some enough to take some pain away from the monthly medication expense. 

The trouble with all of this planning: no matter how I try to prepare for things, anything can happen and it will require impromptu quick-thinking and revisions. All my arithmetic may be for naught. 

The paradox of being not in control is when you accept it things go better than when you are trying so hard. 

Fasten you seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy night.