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#2. On the fence about a purchase? Wait 72 hours before you buy it.

This one seems quite sensible, and would improve many lives more than slightly if people did it. This advice is given to thems with OCD-like shopping tendencies; it rests upon the axiom to stall a bit, to let the better angels of one’s nature (who dwell in the frontal lobes) take precedence over the fallen ones lurking in your reptilian midbrain.

Alas, Babylon! Our cellphones and iPads allow us instantaneous action on any whim that whizzes by our eyeballs. Even before we finish the fancy to purchase a new Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza , our fingers are already typing away for Amazon to send us one, usually delivered within 24-hours. Mr. Bezos is in league with the devilish parts of our brains that grab at shiny and tasty-looking objects lest they run off. Oh the pain.

Happily there are a few forces at La Casa de Spo to stand guard against such satanic shopping. Someone is very good at ‘looking around’ before he makes any purchase. Urs Truly puts his desires first down on a list titled “Wants”, for later and more-sober inspection, before evoking the evil spirits as Amazon to send me them. It also helps neither one of us are spendthrifts; I would go so far as to say we tend towards being tight-wads. Our moss-covered three-handled family gradunza is quite worn-down and a tad rusty but we won’t replace it until it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.

“When in doubt, don’t!” remains a pretty good philosophy to go by, especially when it comes to purchasing. Perhaps it is cognitive bias (negative) on my part that I remember more the regrets than the relief of buying things. With that in mind we’ve waited 72 weeks not hours to replace the portable heater used in the in the bathroom while doing our morning ablutions. It doesn’t put out the heat as it used to, but the back of it warms up in a worrisome way suggesting it may pop any moment into real flames, not just the ersatz ones in the front. This weekend we are off to Blood Bath and Beyond to get us a new one. While it may not improve my life even slightly it will makes it at least a warmer one.

Spo-fans: how are you when it comes to shopping?

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