First of all I wanted to say to my blogging colleagues I haven’t had time this week to read my usuals. I feel bad about this; it was a strenuous work week. I plan to catch up this weekend. Spo.

Patience above! The bean-counters at WordPress shows for years Spo-reflections has a steady daily drop-by of ~ 200 readers, many well over four feet. On Thursday, this surged to 3,000 viewers and yesterday Friday saw 6,000. It turns out someone was sending the same rubbish comment consisting of word salad which was posting on every entry I’ve written for the past decade. I finally blocked the b-stard but the comments kept showing up in the trash. There were thousands of them. I played a morbid game of ping-pong deleting them in batches as soon as the villain posted them. It seems to have stopped, but I remain on guard for a counter-attack. Hanging out with The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections has taught me a thing or two about vigilance against invaders.

The Christmas tree is finally down and packed away. We had to slowly cut off the tightly-twined strands of lights and that was some job. We clipped away at it whenever we found time to do so. On the positive, next Christmas we can put up any type of lights we fancy and if they go kaput, they are easily replaced. I want colored lights after a decade of white ones.

Mr. R—-, the pool man, sent a bombshell of a text message informing us the pool pump has died, and the sand filter needs to be replaced as well. There are a few other matters to attend to, all to the tune of ~ 5K. Oh the pain. The usual mode of operation when something goes kaput at La Casa de Spo is to learn to live without, but this one can’t be ignored lest the cement pond grows stagnant to resemble the Orinoco. At least we have the funds, thanks to Father Spo’s Christmas check.

It was a hell of a week at work which included more insurance matters; every time I think this is done there is another glitch to imply it isn’t a go. I think the last of the impediments are cleared but I’ve thought that 4-5x so far. I feel quite drained.

That’s about all the news for now, other than I weighed in at 76.5 kilos today. On 1 January I was 78 kilos. Let’s hear it for non-living.