Mondays are actually my slower days at work, compared to the other ones. There is the usual Monday morning Rx renewals that come in all at once from pharmacies, sent over the weekend, and there are a few frantic calls, but these are predictable and soon addressed. This Monday will be more ‘exciting’ that I will be calling to renew my own prescriptions to test if my medical coverage is indeed up and running. Over the weekend a basic prescription was filled at Uncle Albertsons without fuss, so there is hope. Still, I’m not counting my chickens.

On the this week’s agenda items not typical is meeting with a nurse that got hired, which is news to me. There’s been rumors of such for some time, but no official word was given until I saw her on my schedule I am supposed to train her on using the EHR and I have an hour to do so. Fat chance of that. By the way, the last time I heard of it, The Overlords were hiring a nurse of the male-type, but the one on the schedule sounds definitely female. I wonder what happened to him.

Another Monday matter: possibly paying for a medical convention that is scheduled for June; the early bird deadline is this Wednesday. If I go, it will be the first in-person medical conference since 2019. I miss these shindings, not only for the chance to get out of Dodge but to pow-wow with my fellow wizards and earn credits in a lecture hall rather than via recorded lectures heard sitting at home. Do I dare take the chance by June it will be safe enough to travel? My license expires this July and (in theory) the State of Arizona could ask for proof of Continuing Medical Eduction credits, not just asking for every three year pound of flesh costing me 800 dollars.* Stirges.

I’ve decided this week to throw out all my journals that sit on the shelves in my office. Not once in my decades of shrinking heads have I ever pulled one down to consult them. All the latest news and updates are on line and on apps, so the paper journals mostly for something to put on the shelves so I look smart. Admittedly without the the shelves will look a little bleak, and I don’t know what else to put there. I suppose some tasteful objects d’art or clever knickknacks might be jolly, although come to think of it, the zoom appointments (still the majority of my cases) see only Urs Truly sitting in his chair. I suppose if I stare at the empty spaces long enough something will come to mind.

Otherwise it looks like another typical work week. I hope it is peaceful enough to allow some quiet time for The Muses or someone like them to enter in with more clever notions for writing than this one.

*In theory they ask for CME every time I renew my license but they never do. I need forty done by July; as of this week I have thirty. If I go to that conference I could earn 15 credits but what if the conference falls through?