The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections has the illustrative job of managing my writing, but not of my daily doings. Good thing too. Come into my mind and see how the rest of me functions, at least from a symbolic perspective. Spo

Every once in a while (when I remember to do so) I take inventory of all the complexes in my psyche and decide which one shall sit next to the Ego as my righthand man to guide me through the season. These complexes are symbolized by archetypal characters, men and women from literature, legends, the movies, and from my life. Think of Star Trek with Captain Kirk or Picard with his crew. He takes council from all but he has a main assistant. In one version it is Spock; in another it is Riker. For Spo-fans unfamiliar with the Star Trek, envision a CEO sitting at the head of the table, with board members sitting left and right down the table.

Serving the role of Right-hand Man for some time has been ‘Dale’. Dale is a friend, a social worker, who is a patient loving man, very good with his therapy clients, particularly when they are being angry or difficult. When I encounter such types in my work or in public, I channel Dale and try to act similar. All the other characters chime in of course. The Child usually votes to shrink away, not liking angry interactions. The Logical one (an amalgam of Spock, Data, The Scientist, and my Uncle Ed) wants to get the one upset ‘to see reason’. They are all heard but as CEO I usually vote to follow Dale’s example – minus his horrible tendency for puns (oh the horror).

In 2022 I think my righthand man will be The Stoic. The Stoic doesn’t lack feelings, he just doesn’t act out on them. He sees obstacles, conflict, etc. not as impediments, but as the way things are. In Stoicism there is something close to optimism. It is a sense that despite what is happening to you, you will get through it somehow. The Stoic has less nurturance than Dale (and no puns either), but has, how do I say this, more implacable doggedness to persevere, despite what is happening.

The CEO in me will make the executive decision to move The Stoic up to the first chair on the righthand side of him, asking Dale to sit on his left now, but no further down the line. The Anxious One, better or worse always a Board member, is demoted to the end of the table. No matter what is proposed or happens, he immediately jumps up in hysterics and pushes the panic button. I can’t dismiss him, but with The Stoic on my right and Dale on my left I can choose another path than panic and worse-case scenarios.

Note: this one was written on day in which I had far too many patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. These types can be rawther draining, especially if they are back to back in the schedule. It was very hard for Mr. CEO/Ego to keep from sucking up all their emotional shenanigans. Happily, The Stoic and Dale kept me going. All the same, Mr. CEO is having a private performance evaluation session this evening with The Hedonist over a snort. See you tomorrow for Wendesday’s Ws.