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What’s top of my mind: Bats and Squirrels. Meaning nothing seems to be top of my mind. Rather, various topics bubble up for a little while, like floating noodles in boiling water on the stovetop. Having the brains of a hummingbird is rawther exhausting. On the positive, nothing ‘bad’ is happening in my life to preoccupy my thinking process, so that’s a good sign. Just so long as I don’t cook things past el dente.

Where I’ve been: Nowhere again. Of all the Ws, this one is the worst as I don’t go anywhere anymore. I go to work and I come home. On weekends I stay put other than a weekly visit to Uncle Albertsons. In a few weeks I visit the local botanical gardens with chums, so come back then I will have something to say.

Where I’m going: The First Friday meeting. At the beginning of each month on a Friday The Boss meets with the prescribers where I work, to discuss affairs of state, solve the world problems, and so forth. For the longest while these have been only with myself. Now there are 4-5 prescribers: two shrinks (Urs Truly is full time; the other is part time); two RNs (one full/one part time); and a fifth person of ? nature I’ve yet to meet. This upcoming FFM looks to be a bit of a party. Lunch will be served, no rubbish I hope. I get to find out more about these four.

What I’m watching: The throw outs at curbside. A few days ago I put out a few flower pot containers at the curb. They are in OK condition and haven’t been used in ages, so I figured someone would spy them and pick them up. Alas, Babylon! Three days later they are still there; it is a disappointment. When I lived in Chicago it was a 100% guarantee if you put anything out in the alley it was gone within an hour. I would ‘test’ putting out something rubbishy to see if I could find something the junk collectors wouldn’t touch. This never worked; it was always picked up. I promised Someone if they are not gone by this evening I would bring them back into the garage, lest the HOA sends us a nasty letter about messes in front. Stirges.

What I’m reading: The little black book of Lent 2022. At Lent I download onto my kindle a forty day-long booklet. In it, there is daily thought and lesson and a passage from The Bible. It takes all of five minutes to read. I’ve been doing this for decades; it provides a nice meditation along the line to take a break and contemplate.

What I’m listening to: Old dead nuns. I have a playlist of music titled “Lent”. In it, is a collection of simple, contemplative music, most written and performed by religious folks over 500 years old. I pull out of the iPhone and listen to it at this time of year. The music is quite soothing. Hildegard von Bingen and that lot wrote some lovelies. Here’s a sample:

What I’m eating: Meatless meals. Another ritual I do at Lent is skip meat on Fridays. This isn’t too difficult as I have meatless meals 1-2 x week already, but it feels nice to do on Fridays. I think I’m supposed to feel deprived by the loss for the meat, but it feels OK if not better for I like fish. I don’t think this is the point of meatless Fridays but there it is.

Who needs a good slap: Putin. I won’t dwell on this for it makes me angry.

On a one to five scale, I give the deplorable man five slaps.

What I’m planning: A weekend in Santa Fe. Hot puppies! After a two-year hiatus we are going to New Mexico at the end of July to attend The Santa Fe Opera. While there I will load up on chilies, ersatz Indian-jewelry, and such. I may be able to get some homegrown tomatoes. My soul swoons.

What’s making me smile: Whitefish spread. This fish is a favorite of thems who live in Michigan. Grilled whitefish with tartar sauce is the food of the gods, or the demi-gods, or Michiganders anyway. Zingermans is having a sale on a spread made from such. I am sending a tub to Father as a surprise. I think he will enjoy it, and I hope he eats it with relish. This makes me smile. If by chance he does not like it, then George and Luna Cats can have at it.

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