The clinic where I work accumulates objects that are often put up adoption, prior to being thrown away. I am constantly trying to throw things out – and wary of new things coming in – but recently I did take something home. There is a sizeable cookie jar with its top missing, probably it was dropped and shattered. I thought the ceramic cookie jar would make a good receptacle for wooden spoons and spatulas for the stove top. What we have now is too narrow to hold all the utensils one of us in the house feels necessary to have handy. The quondam cookie jar was met with approval; all the spoons, spatulas, and stir-abouts fit and peace reigns again in la cocina de la casa de spo.

I suspect what goes/doesn’t go on the stovetop isn’t a source of friction in ‘straight houses” as the dame usually does the cooking so she makes the decision what spoons and ladles go where. In a home with two gents or two dames where there is more egalitarian cooking there is more argument on such matters. In La casa de Spo before the arrival of the new utensil jar, certain spatulas were being continually put in the ‘kitchen gadget drawer’ only to return to the cramped utensil jar. This is not the work of The Cup Sprites but two bull-headed hombres insisting the large ladle goes in the jar / no it doesn’t it goes in the drawer. Mercifully there has been no shooting on the subject.

My one fear is now we that have a sufficient-sized utensil jar that holds all items in question, it will attract even more devices wanting in. This could continue until the stovetop container jar grows to be the size of a small tire, or one of us shows up in court either for divorce or as a defendant in a homicide trial not sure which is more likely.
The other option is to quietly remove items and bring them to work for the mentioned ‘adoption pile’ and hope no one notices.

What do you have in your stovetop container?

Who determines what goes in it?