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There are signs of spring in the Valley. These are more subtle than the ones I grew up with in the Midwest. There are no crocuses or daffodils (worse luck!) but then there are no late snowstorms either, the types in early to mid-March that everyone is heartily sick of. The mesquite and palm trees are blooming as are my allergies. After ten years in the area I’d hoped by now to have gotten some immunity but every March my nose reacts as if it has never seen these types of pollen. My sneezes are frequent and profound and have hurricane velocities. I restarted my allergy medications, which leave me doped up for awhile.

Another sign of spring is out-of-state visitors consisting of friends and relations, mostly from the Midwest, flee the March miseries. Next week we host DougT (the butterfly guy) and his partner, Leon the Larger. I recently spoke with the former. I asked what he wanted to do while in Arizona. His goals are modest ones: ‘see you guys and get out of Chicago” (not necessarily in that order). Sounds groovy. Their ingress and the ability to open some doors and windows lets me do a more through spring cleaning this weekend. I reminded myself to take extra-strength Zyrtec for all the dust about to be raised.

Truth is I don’t mind a good scouring. Apart from making me sneeze a lot there is a sort of quiet satisfaction to letting in some relatively fresher air and getting things dusted. The two guest rooms haven’t had a proper tidy-up in ages. I wonder what I will find therein. Being from the Midwest they will find upper 60s/lower 70s quite pleasant and perhaps want to go out of doors and sit outside. That means back patio A.K.A. The Aegean Stables needs desperate attendance. Still, it’s an ill monsoon that blows nobody good. It would be nice to have the space clean for use after six months of no use. I like sitting out there, especially in the evening – allergens permitting. It will soon be too hot to sit outside, so use it while one can.

That’s all I have to say on this Friday afternoon.

Tune in this weekend perhaps I will have something exciting found in the washing up this weekend.

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