I haven’t been online for a few days. This is mostly due to a major clean up of the back porch patio (with some indoor tasks thrown in, down on my water breaks). It’s Sunday and it remains a work in progress. The iron trellis hold six pots which are presently empty; sitting by them it looks sort of bleak. I went to Home Depot this morning to replenish them. When in Rome do as the Roman do, and that goes double for thems living in Zone 10+. Experience has taught me buying annuals and perennials is a waste of money for even one missed day of watering in the summer brings instant death. Like a fool, I was bedazzled with the shelves of verdant plants. I came how with a pepper plants, some basil-types, and (here we go again!) a couple of tomato plants. Stupid.

I also bought new patio chair pillows. The usual ones, twenty years old if a minute, were looking bad, so I put them in the washer machine. Oh the horror. Oh well, they lived a long life. New pillows (I rationalize) would go better with the new plants. After all, there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day.

All this poking and shaking about on the porch predictably set off my allergies. All the drugs I took have stopped the sneezing and the PND is down to a dull roar but I can no longer breathe through my nose. Decongestants help but this means going to the pharmacy. In Arizona they are regulated like Oxycontin lest you buy some and make crack or something.

I wonder what others do on weekends besides house and yard work. Rumor has it some people go out and have fun and there are strange talk some sit still and do little to nothing. I suppose these types have servants to do the dirty work, or are clever and get tasks done on weekdays. Good for them! Today’s dissolute agenda is to pot those plants and clean up The Dragon Room (for that is where we lodge the guests) and later on read blogs. Once again I am behind in what is happening with my blogger buddies. Curiously many also report they are caught up in day to day activities rather than skiing the Alps or something like that. It is a comfort.